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Brand Identity Services



Stand out with a brand that embodies your ideals, elevates your business, inspires your audience, and sets you apart from your competitors

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Qadra Solutions

Brand Identity Services

Creating beautiful, thought-provoking, and engaging designs that resonate with your audience while staying true to your brand.


Branding Services

Branding unites everything a company stands for in all aspects of your business. It’s your reputation in the marketplace and what people remember you for. It’s not just a logo, tagline, or name, it’s in the hearts and minds of your most valuable customers.

From the beginning until the end, we work with brands in creating their brand identities and brand messages so they can go online, offline, and connected with their target customers.

Voice & Tone

Branding Services 26

Voice & Tone

This is the personality of your brand that leaves an impression on your customers. We help you develop this so you can connect and make your mark on them.

Stationery Design

Branding Services 27

Stationery Design

From brochures, menus, flyers, booklets, catalogs, and cards, we can create and design them for you while maintaining alignment with your branding guidelines.


Branding Services 28


For businesses with brands that aren’t fitting right, we offer rebranding services to realign your brand to where it should be.

Print Design

Branding Services 29

Print Design

We can design marketing materials to be installed for print, including banners, posters, decals, stickers, and other signages and displays.

Packaging Design

Branding Services 30

Packaging Design

For products to be stored and sold on store shelves, let us help you make your products pop out with interesting, eye catching, and beautiful designs.

Naming & Taglines

Branding Services 31

Naming & Taglines

From name creation, trademark development, consumer research, and linguistic analysis, our branding studio provides you with memorable and powerful names so you rise out of obscurity.

Messaging & Positioning

Branding Services 32

Messaging & Positioning

We draft a simple, impactful messaging that represents your brand’s purpose so you can stand out and deliver your brand’s value to your customers.

Logo & Identity

Branding Services 33

Logo & Identity

Our Branding Identity Services Team helps your brand stand out visually, not just in the logo, but also in every brand touchpoint and customer interaction.

Launch Strategy

Branding Services 34

Launch Strategy

After your branding is complete, we launch it for the world to see through meticulous logistics planning and messaging for your customers, employees, and partners.

Brand Style Guide

Branding Services 35

Brand Style Guide

Make sure your brand and visual identity remain consistent throughout the logo, type, style, color, and symbols across all brand touchpoints.

Brand Strategy

Branding Services 36

Brand Strategy

We create your brand strategy by identifying what your brand stands for and to whom. This way, we can develop the perfect go-to-market brand strategy for your potential customers.

Brand Architecture

Branding Services 37

Brand Architecture

We help you develop the structure in presenting your brand to the market from a customer’s perspective. This way we tell them how you can fulfill their needs and wants through your brand.


Featured Branding Projects


Branding Agency in the Philippines

Our Web Design Company - Branding Services

At Qadra Studio, we create brands for all kinds of businesses — from startups to medium-sized companies and the world’s biggest brands.

You won’t be hiring a one-size-fits-all solution. We closely partner with our clients in providing branding services so we can achieve your unique business goals. Based in Metro Manila, we not only work with exciting clients in the country but also around the world.

As we strive to create the world’s greatest brands, we treat our clients’ businesses like our own and put ourselves in their shoes so we can fully understand how to give them the best branding in the Philippines. – Branding Agency in the Philippines

Benefits of Our Branding Agency in the Philippines

capture branding - Branding Services

Capture and Engage Customers

Captivate your prospective clients and engage them to catch their interest. Your branding will help you rise above your competition and earn customer loyalty.

convert branding - Branding Services

Convert Customers

A genuine, impressionable brand is a great way to show your value to customers and generate revenue from them.

increase branding 1 - Branding Services

Increase Your Revenue

With better branding, you will be more marketable, memorable, thus allowing you to convert more and build your business.



Our Process for Branding in the Philippines

As a Branding Agency in the Philippines, we know that building a first-rate and memorable brand is by building it from the ground up. This is how we do it:


Phase 1: Discovery

We start by discussing with you the foundation of your business and your vision for it. We do this through stakeholder interviews and questionnaires. In this step, we begin to understand your business and what branding fits with your goals.


Phase 2: Research

We perform market and industry research and competitor analysis to gain insights that will help us guide and confirm that our branding services are backed by high-quality data.


Phase 3: Strategy Creation

In creating the brand strategy, brand architecture is the basis for the brand to prepare and align its message in capturing and engaging potential customers.


Phase 4: Messaging & Positioning

We develop messaging and positioning using your company’s vision and mission. This serves as the strategic foundation of your brand that unifies the tone and voice.


Phase 5: Design

With the foundation firmly established, we move on to the visuals of your branding. We bring your brand to life and use our creative team in designing customer-facing assets.


Phase 6: Guidelines

We create and establish your brand identity in a style guide. This manual ensures that you apply correct and consistent styles on all your brand assets.


Phase 7: Brand Launch

We work with clients in launching the brand identity both internally and externally, involving the creation of business forms, signage, and sales and marketing collateral.

Why You Need Branding


Rise Above
Your Competition

More competitors are appearing left and right. You need to stand out from the rest or get buried with other failed brands.


Customers Today Go For Familiar Companies

Nowadays, people buy products and services from brands and companies they have a relationship with. A memorable and trustworthy brand needs to be built through good branding.


Solid Brands Get Free Marketing From Loyal Customers

Clients today talk back. From reviews, social media posts, or word of mouth, customers can speak your brand if it is distinct, genuine, and impressionable.


Outsource Our Branding Agency in the Philippines

Qadra Studio is one of the best outsourcing studios for branding in the Philippines. We provide businesses and companies with effective and unique branding strategies and designs. With our years of knowledge and experience, our branding outsourcing team gives our clients memorable branding to help their company drive business and revenue.

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Cost of a Branding Agency in the Philippines

Web Design in the Philippines could cost as much as PHP30,000 to PHP260,000 depending on various factors including, size, complexity, and features. Small company websites consisting of only About Us or Solutions pages would naturally cost less. Meanwhile, large websites with ecommerce or database functions can go higher.

If you want to inquire about how much your website might cost or negotiate reasonable quotes, you can talk to us today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions about our Branding Agency in the Philippines, here are a few common ones we get throughout our expansive career.

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If you’d like to learn more about our branding agency in the Philippines, dive into our articles and topics regarding branding.

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