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Graphic Design Services in the Philippines

Creating beautiful, thought-provoking, and engaging designs that resonate with your audience while staying true to your brand.



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Qadra Solutions

Graphic Design Services in the Philippines

Creating beautiful, thought-provoking, and engaging designs that resonate with your audience while staying true to your brand.


Graphic Design Services

As a graphic design studio in the Philippines, our forte is attracting customers and users in print and the web. Our graphic designers are perfectionists and innovators in creating logos, web graphics, advertisements, corporate and marketing material, and everything in between.

Whether you’re looking into creating social media posts or designs for printed promotional material, our graphic design services in the Philippines can take your business further.

Brochure Designs

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Brochure Designs

We create engaging and informative designs that speak of your company and business while marketing your products and services.

Business Cards

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Business Cards

Our designers make memorable business cards that won’t get lost in the pile of competitors’ business cards.

Custom Web Images

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Custom Web Images

We create graphics and illustrations for everything a user may come across on your website. From the UI to the photos, we balance all elements for maximum visual appeal, function, and user experience.

Flyer Design

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Flyer Design

We design prints made for distribution to create awareness for your company and advertise your products and services.

Logo & Branding

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Logo and Branding

Your brand is the foundation of your company or business. Make a memorable and lasting impression through eyecatching and striking logos, brand strategies, and brand guidelines.

Newsletter Design

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Newsletter Design

Inform your customers or employees with news regarding your business through our well-designed and informative newsletters.

Presentation Design

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Presentation Design

We create simple, organized, and impressive presentations with key points, ideas, and content that can be easily understood by your target audience.

Social Media Posts

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Social Media Posts

From graphics to illustrations, spice up your posts in social media with our visually appealing and descriptive social media designs.

T-shirt Designs

Graphic Design Solutions 33

T-shirt Designs

We design unique and attractive designs for t-shirts for all kinds of events and occasions for your business or company.

Advertisement Design

Graphic Design Solutions 34


From insights and research, we created eye-catching advertisements that will capture the attention of your target audience and convert them.

Banners and Poster Design

Graphic Design Solutions 35

Banner and Poster Design

We develop professional, beautiful medium- to large-format designs for events and promotions that can show off your business.


Featured Graphic Design Projects


Graphic Design Studio in the Philippines

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Qadra Studio, a graphic design agency, mixes excellent customer service, industry expertise, and graphic design skills along with our limitless creativity and imagination. From there we create original, remarkable designs that are usable across print and digital spaces.

We’re not your typical graphic design studio. We also provide consulting and analytics. You get more value for the strong visuals and clear stories we portray in providing graphic design in the Philippines. – Graphic Design Services in the Philippines

Benefits of Graphic Design Services in the Philippines

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Professional Graphic Designers

We guarantee a dedicated designer and consistent quality for every request you put in. All our designers are in-house, we don’t outsource your work to a third party.

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Human Customer Support

You can call or contact us anytime regarding your issues, questions, or concerns. We have a dedicated team to answer you by email, call, text, or in person.

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Fast Turnaround Times

We create great designs delivered to you quickly on our agreed timelines and schedules.

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Source Files Included

What we design is yours. We provide editable Adobe and JPG, PNG, and PDF formats for all the deliverables.



Our Approach to Graphic Design in the Philippines

As a graphic design agency, our Design Process is just very simple and easy to follow.


Send Your Design Request

Send us a message or design request and we’ll start the design process. At this point, you provide details of the project and other relevant information.


Consult With Us

We’ll communicate with you regarding possible directions and designs. We’ll also perform a deep analysis and research on the project and its surrounding details.


Start the Design Stage

Depending on the complexity and project details, we transform your ideas into unique, striking, and beautiful designs.


Revise the Design

For changes or revisions, you can just message our designers and they’ll start updating the designs for you right away.


Receive Your Files

Finally, your Graphic Designer will send you the approved files in the formats you requested.

Why You Need Graphic Design Services in the Philippines


Visual Storytelling Communicates More to Customers

Humans are wired to process visuals much faster than text. Effective graphic design lets you influence, engage, and convert customers and change their behavior.


Higher Profits For Your Business

When more people notice you and look at your product or service, you have more chances to drive revenue and business growth through engaging and thoughtful visual experiences.


Edge Out Your Competition

Aesthetically pleasing and engaging designs allow you to take customers away from your competitions and turn them into your own loyal customers. Effective graphic design and visual communication have the power to give your business the boost it needs.


Outsource Graphic Design Services in the Philippines

If you’re for graphic design outsourcing studios in the Philippines, look no further than Qadra Studio. We provide businesses and companies with striking, effective, and unique graphic designs for illustrations, advertisements, logos, images, business cards, flyers, brochures, and many more. Our expertise and experience enable our graphic design outsourcing team to provide clients with interesting graphic designs, drive business growth and convert customers.

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Graphic Design Pricing

PHP30,000 to PHP260,000 are the prices that Graphic Design Services in the Philippines can go for depending on the type of project, design elements, experience, the revision process, and location of the service.

Freelance designers typically cost less than graphic design studios like Qadra Studio. However, the value, experience, reliability, and experience you receive are much more worth it. If you want to save time and receive better quality designs, graphic design studios work best.

We understand that you may have limits on your budget, so If you want to reduce the prices, you can contact us so we can have a discussion.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For the commonly asked questions regarding Graphic Design Services in the Philippines, here are a few answers we compiled throughout our career.

Graphic Design Blog

If you’d like to learn more about graphic design services in the Philippines, read our blog for interesting topics and articles on it.

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