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Creating an atmosphere of professionalism and trust for a customer-focused consultancy firm through a brand identity that’s timeless, straightforward, and a class-act in a service that puts the customer first.

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The service industry is a wide and expansive one. But despite the wide variety in its threshold, one thing remains constant: the customer is king. No truer words have ever been spoken, especially for Hand N Hand. A consultancy firm based in Perth, Australia, Hand N Hand wanted to present themselves as a firm their clients can trust and rely on, despite being in the company of legions of other consultancy firms.

At the core of Hand N Hand is the genuine desire to help people find solutions. They wanted everything they did to evoke that sense of purpose, from the process all the way down to their identity. They needed a brand that was straightforward, no frills, that looked professional, refined and elegant, yet, most importantly, reliable and trustworthy. This is where we come in.

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Always willing to lend a helping hand

Hand N Hand is all about being that guiding hand to their clients. Their name says it all, so it was important for us to create a brand that perfectly describes everything from who they are and what they are all about, to their mission and their vision from the moment their potential clients first lay eyes on their logo. We wanted a brand that showed a firm that need not shout to stand apart from its competitors. We wanted to create a visual language that was stripped down to its core principles while displaying a sense of authenticity and premium professionalism that, not only can the clients rely on, but also perfectly describes the women behind the brand.

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Premium Service, Timeless Design

For the logo of Hand N Hand, we wanted their purpose to be at the forefront without being too in your face. We wanted a clean, crisp logo that had a premium and timeless quality to it. For this, we used an elegant yet simple typeface and paired it off with an icon that serves as the focal point of the brand’s logo. The ‘N’, found at the center of the brand’s namesake, is formed by two hands reaching out to each other, creating a standalone icon that describes what the brand is all about in one simple mark.

With clever use of negative space, the logo becomes a subtle nod to the brand’s resolve. The hands signify the warmth and friendliness that clients can expect from the firm, while the typeface balances that off with the promise of a service that is steadfast and dependable.

In choosing the color palette of the brand we went for a classic pairing of a dependable, intelligent navy blue with a premium touch of gold.

To accompany the logo, we created a brand bible that carefully illustrated the rules and guidelines of the brand so that its visual language remains consistent throughout all its materials and collaterals. The guideline in itself reflects that crisp premium quality that the logo evokes, from clean lines, classic italicized serif fonts, to crisp modern san serifs. The business card follows suit with a design that focuses on what truly matters.

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With a touch of Australian congeniality

The website had to be a seamless extension of the firm’s identity. Apart from displaying all the necessary information to properly introduce them to their potential customers, they also wanted to include an undeniable part of the firm’s identity, the city it finds itself in: Perth, Australia.

The website is clean, classic, sophisticated and elegant, set against the backdrop of the stunning beaches, endless oceans, and warm cityscape of Perth, Australia. The design reminds the reader of their Australian heritage through glimpses of the city in each page. Through this, they indicate the professional and friendly way they carry themselves for clients, as well as their pride for their Australian brand of congeniality and expertise.


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