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Outsource web development in the Philippines to transform your business and grow your brand through our web development solutions.

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Developing a clean, minimalist digital space and a creative platform for an urban art gallery...

Asian Coatings

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Creating an advanced website depicting a collaborative nature in guiding old companies in their digital...

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Advantages of our Web Development Outsourcing Services

Expert Web Developers

Hire our professional web developers that are not only knowledgeable of the latest technology for web and mobile but also communicative and responsive in explaining technical details and advanced features.

Best Practices and Strategies

We make sure to keep abreast and apply the latest and best practices and strategies for your needs and industry in all the outsourcing web development solutions we provide.

Expert Consultations

You can connect with us anytime and receive prompt responses and efficient solutions for any question or concern you may encounter. Our aim is to deliver an unparalleled service experience.

High-quality Customer Support

You can connect with us anytime and receive prompt responses and efficient solutions for any question or concern you may encounter. Our aim is to deliver an unparalleled service experience.

Responsive and Fast Communication

You can take advantage of increased productivity and efficiency with how good we coordinate with you. We’re here to ensure smooth and transparent dialogue at all times.

Client-focused and Service-oriented

Our clients are our priority. We give you complete control of your online presence while providing excellent client support to address all kinds of issues or questions you have.

Fast Turnaround Time (TAT)

We apply Agile methodology in our web development process to allow us to develop and launch your website from the ground up quickly and efficiently.


Included in our web development services outsourcing is training on the usage and management of the website so you are equipped to handle basic website maintenance and issues.

Full Website Control

From the server, source codes, database, assets, and files, you gain full access and control of them so you can run the website without our help once the web development project is done.

Decreased Costs Compared to Local Companies

We provide outsourcing web development services with a greater value for the same excellent service.

Content Consultation

We assist you in writing and publishing keyword-rich and engaging content that establishes and engages your target audience for your online presence.

White Label Web Development

As part of our white label web development services and outsourcing web development, we don’t need to take credit for our work.


Our Web Development Outsourcing Process

We understand that crafting an exceptional and memorable website starts from a strong foundation. Here’s our approach:


Project Discovery

Our journey begins with thorough groundwork. We’ll work closely with you to understand your business, vision, and goals. We’ll perform an exhaustive market analysis, and together, we’ll create a comprehensive project plan. This step ensures your web development project mirrors your business values and appeals to your target audience.


Dynamic Web Development

Once we’re in sync, our pool of expert web developers will come into play. If part of the project, we’ll build an aesthetically pleasing, interactive, and efficient website that elevates user experience. Using agile methodologies, we’ll ensure regular progress reports, allowing room for tweaks and improvements at every stage.


Quality Assurance & Deployment

After the development phase, your website will be put through rigorous testing. Our dedicated QA team will ensure that every page, link, and function works seamlessly across devices and browsers. Upon passing these tests, we’ll deploy your new site, and the world will have access to your digital vision realized.


Web Development Company in the Philippines

Qadra Studio is a top-notch web development outsourcing company in the Philippines. Through our expertise and background, we provide dedicated offshore web development teams to organizations all over the world.

Our professional web development outsourcing teams enable companies to increase their efficiency, reduce stress, and decrease budget costs.

Our offshoring teams consisting of web developers, project managers, SEO specialists, and QA specialists, offer companies with outsourcing web development work in the United States, Australia, China, and other parts of Asia, Europe, and North America.


Why You Need To Outsource Web Development

Access to More Expertise and Efficiency

Your company might not focus on web development but you gain access to a professional outsourced web development agency that can accomplish all your web development outsourcing needs.

Free Yourself From Manual or Difficult Tasks

Your employees and management wouldn’t have to learn new skills they might not be prepared for. They can focus on running your business and company while we take care of all aspects of web development.

Improved Conversions and Revenue

When you establish an online presence through our outsourcing web development service, you can capture and convert more customers and increase your profits through dynamic website functionalities.


Types of Web Development Outsourcing

Choosing the right partner is key to your company’s digital success. As an outsourcing agency, we provide the expert skills and profound experience needed to tailor web solutions perfectly fitting your brand and company’s requirements.

  • Hotel & Online Booking System
  • Website for Travel Agencies
  • Websites for Real Estates
  • Website for Construction & Architecture
  • E-Learning Management System
  • Corporate Website Design

Outsource Web Development Projects with Qadra Studio

Qadra Studio offers exceptional web development services as a top-notch outsourcing web development company in the Philippines. We provide businesses and digital agencies from all over the globe with experienced and professional web developers. We build long-term and positive relationships with our clients through our outstanding customer service, technical knowledge, and dedication to our clients.

Outsource Web Development

Cost of a Web Development Outsourcing in the Philippines

There is no standard outsourcing web development pricing across the world. It depends on the outsourcing company along with the size, complexity, and features of the web development project. Our pricing offers better value in comparison to freelancers, local web development firms, and in-house web developers. The pricing may range from $X,XXX to $XX,XXX depending on project details.

Simpler websites with fewer functions and pages will cost less compared with web development projects needing advanced functions, ecommerce capabilities, database functions, web applications, or custom plug-ins.

Talk to us today if you want to discuss your project and its pricing.

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