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Designing a logo, website, and marketing assets for a brand promoting software observability, including performance, usability, and security through subject matter experts.




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OPENO11Y is a project to see a world where software is easily observable to review and vet for performance, usability, and security. They aim to achieve this by advocating for the easy accessibility and understanding of open-source software.

Open-source software is a more transparent and cost-effective alternative to commercial and proprietary software. While it is easily available to everyone, trusted software developers and professionals must first ensure its quality and security. OPENO11Y aims to change that by enabling and advocating an easy way to observe and ask questions regarding open-source software. To spread their message and project, they needed Qadra Studio’s help to create branding assets, a recognizable logo, and a website.



A robust network of similar minds

OPEN11OY wanted the software to be observable and easily accessible even without advanced programming skills. To reference their lofty goal in software development and technology, we gave them a contemporary identity that is interconnected with technology. We kept this in mind in creating their logo, brand colors, and overall identity as they might be seen and adopted by their target audience.



Nothing to hide

For OPENO11Y’s logo, we wanted software and technology professionals to recognize what they stand for. Inspired by the operator, <>, in programming, as well as a brain for logic, we expanded on those ideas and designed a logo that called back to their mission of making software and technology more observable.

Ahead of the curve

For the colors and design elements, we carefully chose them to instantly communicate what they want to do. The techie blue and the lines in the background spoke of how they want to be inviting to encourage connections and collaboration with people interested in progressing open-source software.



Leading the way

We designed a layout that lets them spread their message effectively while keeping up with the modern and tech vibe. From the color and typography of the hero banners and backgrounds to the way the different sections are divided, the website invited the audience to absorb their message and participate in their goal of open-source software observability.


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