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High-Impact Web Design for Businesses

We create memorable websites that sell, improve your key metrics, and stay true to your brand.



At Qadra, we create brands that build businesses, and we've done that world wide. We help brands by increasing their brand awareness, developing their digital presence, in turn, growing their sales.

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Qadra Solutions

High-Impact Web Design for Businesses

We create memorable websites that sell, improve your key metrics, and stay true to your brand.

Trusted by Big Brands

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Web Design Services

Our firm provides feature-rich, industry-leading Web Design Services in the Philippines. We know that each business has its unique needs. That’s why we offer various solutions we excel at.


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Branding is crucial in helping your company establish its presence in your target market and differentiate yourself from competitors. We help you create branding in line with your identity and goals.

ECommerce Website

ECommerce Design and Development - Web Design

ECommerce Design and Development

We bring your brand to life through a beautiful and functional online store that gives customers smooth shopping experiences from add to cart to checkout.

Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development - Web Design

Mobile App Development

We craft innovative and visually pleasing mobile apps to drive growth to your business. Our experienced team develops refined and stable applications engineered while maintaining timeliness and quality.

Professional Photography

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Professional Photography

We capture creative and stunning photographs that speak to your brand. From web design, social media, advertising, or marketing, you get the best, personalized imagery for your business.

Search Engine Optimization

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We help your website rank highly in popular search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. We optimize your website and its content through strategic copywriting, backlink building, and other SEO strategies using the latest techniques and trends.

UX and UI Design

UI and UX Design Icon - Web Design

UX and UI Design

Our firm provides feature-rich, industry-leading Web Design Services in the Philippines. We know that each business has its unique needs. That’s why we offer various solutions we excel at.

Web Design Outsourcing

Web Design Outsourcing - Web Design

Web Design Outsourcing

We develop and support websites for companies and firms in other countries outside the Philippines. Using our outsourcing service, our skilled designers and developers can build beautiful, functional sites for you.

Web Hosting & Domain

Web Hosting and Domain Icon - Web Design

Web Hosting and Domain

We offer secure and reliable web hosting and domain services with 24/7, on-call support. We’ll host and maintain your site to ensure it works fast and safe for the long-term.

Web-based Applications

Web Based Applications Icon - Web Design

Web-Based Applications

We can develop bespoke web applications to provide functions and features you wouldn’t otherwise get. Whether it’s to increase efficiency for your team or introduce new functions for customers, we got you covered using our in-depth knowledge of web application development.

Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance Icon - Web Design

Website Maintenance

We make sure your website stays up and running. From squashing bugs to keeping up with the latest trends and maintaining relevance in Google rankings, we maintain your website in tip-top shape all the time.


Featured Web Design Projects

We’re not just a web design company in the Philippines – we are your all-around professional digital experts. Our passion is to bring out the best in every brand.
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Living Chapel

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Third Pillar

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Our Web Design Company in the Philippines

Our Web Design Company - Web Design

We are a Manila-based web design agency. Our eye for detail, focus on results, and commitment to our clients allowed Qadra Studio to be the leading Web Design Company in the Philippines.

Clients hire us based on merit. They choose us for our attentiveness and responsiveness to their needs so they feel taken care of and never ignored.

Throughout the years, we’ve helped numerous clients build their brand through stunning web designs they can be proud of. – Web Design in the Philippines.

Benefits You Get From Our Websites

Future Proof - Web Design

Future Proof

Our websites are easily upgradable and modular to allow for quick updates.
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Fast and Reliable

We utilize the latest techniques and systems to ensure that your websites load fast and rarely go down.
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Enterprise-Grade Security

Our websites are safe and secure from any attacks by implementing robust security policies and systems.
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24/7 Human Customer Support

Call, text, message, or email us any time regarding any issue or question you may have.
Integrated Analytics Icon - Web Design

Integrated Analytics

Keep track of your website statistics, including daily visitors, locations, pages visited, and other metrics.
Content Management System CMS - Web Design

Content Management System (CMS)

Easily manage, update, and create content using our Content Management System (CMS) built on your website.
Impressive Web Designs Icon - Web Design

Impressive Web Designs

Our web designs are beautiful, engaging, and striking for your audience that will surely attract and convert customers for your company.
Mobile Responsive - Web Design

Mobile Responsive

We use responsive designs so your website is easily viewable in mobile phones and tablets or any device your customers use.
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Social Media Integration

Your website might be your online presence but it isn’t the only one.
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We utilize the latest techniques and systems to ensure that your websites load fast and rarely go down.
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Training and Documentation

Get on top of the search engine results pages in Google, Bing, Yahoo, and many more through tried and proven SEO strategies and techniques.
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Full Website Control

You have complete access to the server, database, source codes, materials, and files, along with its backups when the website is completed.


Types of Web Design and Development

Web Design in the Philippines comes in many forms. It’s important to choose what’s best for your company. We offer the skills and expertise to give you exactly what your brand and company need.
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Why You Need A Website


Your Website Is Your Identity Online

Your website extends your reach to the digital space. Memorable and effective web design presents a professional appearance for your business that allows you to attract and engage patrons.


To Grow Sales and Conversion Rates

With data-driven and user-centered design, your website nurtures, captures, and converts your leads. Great web designs mean more business and more revenue.


It’s Your Trump Card Against Competitors

Rise above your competition through enticing web designs that communicate your brand message and encourage visitors to buy into your product or service. Effective web designs ensure that is no mystery why prospective clients should choose you over others.


Looking to outsource a lot of web design projects?

Qadra Studio is one of the top web design outsourcing companies in the Philippines. We provide digital agencies and companies all over the world with experienced web designers and web developers. With our years of knowledge and experience, our web design outsourcing team provides great value to our clients.

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Web Design Pricing

Web Design in the Philippines could cost as much as PHP60,000 to PHP500,000 depending on various factors including, size, complexity, and features. Small company websites consisting of only About Us or Solutions pages would naturally cost less. Meanwhile, large websites with ecommerce or database functions can go higher.

If you want to inquire about how much your website might cost or negotiate reasonable quotes, you can talk to us today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few common questions our wide-ranging clients asked us about Web Design in the Philippines.

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