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Contrast Security


Refining and expanding the brand of a cybersecurity company that protects its customers from vulnerabilities and threats through highly advanced software.



Graphic Design

Recognized as a leading provider of security technology, Contrast Security offers innovative, self-protecting software. As the new approach in application security, it eclipses outdated, legacy security software by protecting enterprise applications from the inside. Through their state-of-the-art technology, they rapidly and accurately repel security attacks and threats that give peace of mind to their clients.

While they boasted cutting-edge, security software, their marketing and branding were not as thorough or robust as the program they developed. Their current image and marketing efforts weren’t cutting it because it fails to reflect their expertise in application security. To do that, they needed Qadra.



Blueprint for an impregnable fortress

When we came in, Contrast Security already had a basic branding system applied to several materials. However, their brand did not fully reflect what they were capable of and did not have a flexible structure to stretch across multiple mediums. Contrast Security needed to expand its brand with precision and streamline all of its materials. Knowing this, we wanted to give them a unique, identifiable appearance that stays true to their brand while communicating that they’re at the forefront of security technology.



Safe and secure under lock and key

Making sure that their brand follows a specific structure and layout, we created a style guide to ensure that they follow a unified and recognizable look. The style guide contains pointers on how their brand will look in different devices up to the spacing, visual elements, graphics, and image styling of their materials, from banner ads and email templates to reports and presentations.



The strongest defense is from within

With their identity firmly established, we provided them a spectrum of graphic design materials. From tasteful illustrations to sleek layouts, we designed their look to appear modern and advanced while aligning with their branding. We also tweaked and refined their existing color scheme and typography throughout their lineup of materials.

Gleaming shield of smart protection

We created unmistakable icons that are futuristic and polished while fitting their unique brand. Smooth lines and gradients make way for icons that depict the various functions and aspects of their product.



Fortifications on all sides

We refined all the visual elements found on their website. From the subtle glow to the dynamic graphics, we carefully constructed visual cues that let their true brand identity as an advanced and high-tech software company shine through. Our branding guidelines can be clearly seen here. From the typography to the color palette, we explored and experimented with all the design elements, from the button styles to the background.



Brilliant armor of perception

Applying our style guide, we created solution briefs, reports, datasheets, and e-books that stay on brand. Each data point, statistic, chart, image, and description are meticulously designed to be straight to the point and to be the perfect model of their high-tech and modern brand.

Well-designed strongholds for security

From print to digital, we designed a variety of materials that contain technical data condensed into an intuitive format for their target customers. From annual and bi-monthly reports to case studies, each material follows a simple and recognizable formula that can be expanded and adapted to various materials.

We utilized our creativity and expertise in designing every detail and information found on their websites, infographics, web banner ads, and many more.

Aside from e-books, reports, white papers, and case studies, we also designed the look and feel of social media posts, email templates, and presentations. We created a formula that can be reused and expanded to apply to corporate and marketing materials across the board. We helped them find their footing in their brand and visual identity.


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