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Vinyl on Vinyl Gallery


Developing a clean, minimalist digital space and a creative platform for an urban art gallery where local and international artists push the boundaries of their medium.

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Web Design

Web Development

Since its inception in 2009, Vinyl on Vinyl (VoV) has been the birthplace and playground of contemporary artists; a stage for thought-provoking exhibitions; and a laboratory for creative experimentation. Through the years, the gallery evolved from its underground and street art beginnings selling vinyl records and toys, to becoming the ringmaster of an eclectic circus of artistic genres from pop surrealism to kinetic art.

While their physical gallery evolved into the place to be for all things art, their website did not undergo the same transformation. It no longer reflected their identity or their goals as a center of human creativity. With the art world going digital — from performance art in social media up to photo and video manipulation, their website was not cutting it. Their online identity needed to catch up to who they are now and Qadra Studio knew just how to do it.

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Preparing the magnum opus

Translating their galleries to an artistic, digital experience was a major challenge. The artworks were the stars of the show so we wanted a design that set the stage just right for it. Combining simple yet meticulous patterns and colors, we created a sleek and urban design that can be easily managed and adapted to new artworks and content. We also needed to classify and organize multiple artists, artworks, and events so they can be easily found when it’s their time to shine. Aside from this, we wanted to give them a robust system that was easy to use and can be updated and managed by anyone.

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A canvas with limitless possibilities

To provide a good canvas for the artists and artwork, we chose a neat layout with added flair through bold typography, sleek structure, and muted yet elegant visual elements throughout the page. We gave the web design an architectural feel contrasted by out-of-the-box typography to give a professional yet contemporary, urban look.

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Breathing life into art

Through web taxonomies, the artists featured have associated artworks and events to allow for easy viewing and management. For the layout, aligning the different visual elements for desktop, tablet, and mobile devices was a very intricate process. We accomplished it by coming up with a simple way that automatically generates each component without intervention from a developer. This way, we equip VoV with the tools to expand and grow their website and send art to new horizons.


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