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Creating an advanced website depicting a collaborative nature in guiding old companies in their digital transformation journeys.
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SlideCONTEXT 01 / For aging companies, a major hurdle is keeping up with the latest software and technology in their industry. The digital era marched along and waited for no one. Without the right tools, their businesses are left behind by digital natives that are not bogged down by manual and legacy processes. This is where QADworks comes in.

Hailing from Houston, Texas, QADworks is an IT consulting company that helps old companies in modernizing their business processes to bring them to the digital age. Through sophisticated solutions and system development, they provide software engineering, analytics, business intelligence, and ERP consulting. These allow businesses to perform their operations and services more efficiently.
Web Design
Vector Illustration
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SlideIDEALS 02 / QADworks came to us to upgrade its barebones website consisting of only a single page with hardly any features or functions. The site had minimal visitor engagement and barely spoke about their branding and image. From their website, you won’t know about the factors, tools, and people involved in simplifying and improving the processes of clients. This is undesirable for a company that aims to bring their clients to the latest advancements in technology. As such, they needed our expertise in fleshing out their website to show who they are as a company and build trust among potential clients.
Road to the new age
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SlideWEBSITE 03/ Each page of the website includes bold and vibrant colors to provide personality and character to the designs. Alternating light and dark backgrounds separate the different sections while the content describes what their brand is about. The illustrations contrast the friendly hues by giving off a more serious and professional vibe. Together, these display how they are welcoming and understanding to clients while exhibiting that they are equipped with the latest knowledge, technology, and tools.
On to the right track

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SlideVISUALS 04 / The streets are paved with gold Many paths converge into one RESPONSIVE & MOBILE FRIENDLY 05/ Qadworks 3Qadworks 13Qadworks 14Qadworks 15Qadworks 16Qadworks 3Qadworks 18No website can truly signal that it’s leading to the future if it’s not mobile responsive. We carefully adjusted and optimized the web design not just for desktops and notebooks, but also for mobile phones and tablets. The homepage, team page, and services pages have intuitive layouts and designs wherever their audience is viewing them. From the energizing colors to the smoothly animated illustrations, their branding remains consistent throughout. We meticulously combined shapes, lines, colors, and gradients that describe the nature of the services. These stay true to their brand while allowing non-technical people to understand the solutions they offer. Furthermore, each illustration is animated to convey their technical skills and position at the forefront of digital transformation.

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