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Evolve Capital


Designing and developing a website for a Singaporean investment bank that offers strategic financial advice to corporations and SMEs to drive growth and value.

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Web Design

Web Development

Evolve Capital is a boutique investment bank that works with corporations and small- to medium-sized enterprises throughout Southeast Asia to empower them to boost growth, generate jobs, and create value for stakeholders. Based in Singapore, the financial company handled over $20 billion in mergers and acquisitions (M&A) deals and raised over $50 billion in capital markets.

To foster the trust that it garnered from corporations, the investment firm wanted to redesign the existing, simple website to attract more clients, reinvigorate its brand, and parallel the company’s prestige. With this website refresh to a more classy aesthetic, they aim to establish themselves at the forefront of their industry.

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Balancing the books

When designing Evolve Capital’s website, we wanted to evoke a sense of trustworthiness and elegance through its colors, fonts, and images. As an investment firm, we wanted to give them dignified grace and elegance. We wanted to recognize where they come from while further reinforcing the trust, prestige, and security shown in their brand identity.

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Playing the market

That’s why for Evolve Capital’s colors and layout, we made a lot of use of their gold and earth colors as they represented success and achievement, coupled with resilience, stability, and security. We also chose serif fonts to strengthen that traditional and classy look we established with the website’s visuals.

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Always in mint condition

Completing the prestigious and elegant look of Evolve Capital, we spread iconic images of Singapore throughout their website. This grounded them in the inherent trust and security offered by their Singaporean and Southeast Asian heritage. All in all, it conveyed their confidence, luxury, dependability, and excellence to prospective clients.


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