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Outsource Graphic Design Services to the Philippines


Setup your projects with our outsourcing graphic design services.

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Outsource Web Design

Outsource your Graphic Design Services to the Philippines

Setup your projects with our outsourcing graphic design services.


Outsource Graphic Design in the Philippines

If you’re searching for graphic design outsourcing companies in the Philippines, Qadra Studio has what you’re looking for. Our graphic design solutions offer interesting, eye-catching, and thought-provoking graphic designs. From logos, illustrations, social media, marketing materials, business cards, flyers, presentations, and brochures, we provide excellent outsourcing graphic design solutions to enable your business to grow and your leads to be converted to customers.

Outsourcing T-Shirts Designs

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Outsourcing T-Shirts Designs

We design t-shirts that you can be proud of wearing for various events, promotions, and occasions for your company or business.

Outsourcing Flyer Design

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Outsourcing Flyer Design

Establish and build awareness of your company and market your services and products through professionally made flyers.

Outsourcing Banners and Posters

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Outsourcing Banners and Posters

We create attractive and interesting medium- to large-format designs that show off your business or promote your services.

Outsourcing Brochure Designs

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Outsourcing Brochure Designs

Hand out engaging, educational, well-designed brochures on your company and its services to market your solutions and products.

Outsourcing Newsletters

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Outsourcing Newsletters

Let your internal stakeholders, employees, or customers know about your business through creatively made and descriptive newsletters.

Outsourcing Business Cards

Graphic Design Outsourcing 34

Outsourcing Business Cards

Our professionally designed business cards enable you to stand out from your competitors and make a lasting impression on the receiver.

Outsourcing Presentations

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Outsourcing Presentations

We create organized, impressive, and detailed presentations including key points, summaries, and ideas that easily express your concepts to the audience.

Outsourcing Advertisements

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Outsourcing Advertisements

We create attractive advertisements backed by market research and insights to capture customers and increase conversion.

Outsourcing Social Media Designs

Graphic Design Outsourcing 37

Outsourcing Social Media Designs

From insights and research, we created eye-catching advertisements that will capture the attention of your target audience and convert them.

Outsourcing Custom Web Images

Graphic Design Outsourcing 38

Outsourcing Custom Web Images

We create graphics and illustrations for everything a user may come across on your website. From the UI to the photos, we balance all elements for maximum visual appeal, function, and user experience.

Outsourcing Logo & Branding

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Outsourcing Logo & Branding

Your brand is the foundation of your company or business. Make a memorable and lasting impression through eyecatching and striking logos, brand strategies, and brand guidelines.


Featured Graphic Design Projects

We’re not just a web design company in the Philippines – we are your all-around professional digital experts. Our passion is to bring out the best in every brand.

Graphic Design Outsourcing Software and Applications

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Adobe Photoshop

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Adobe Illustrator

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Adobe InDesign

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Microsoft PowerPoint


Graphic Design Outsourcing Company in the Philippines

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Qadra Studio offers graphic design outsourcing services to other countries from its home base in Manila. Combining graphic design expertise, years of industry experience, and excellent customer service, we provide graphic design solutions that exhibit our creativity and imagination. 

Media, illustrations, images, and other graphic designs are everywhere. Advertising and marketing agencies, publishers, and media-related agencies face mounting pressure to deliver first-rate graphic designs while managing smaller budgets. 

Qadra Studio helps companies by providing outsourcing graphic design work with great value without compromising on quality. From print and traditional spaces to online and digital, we create original and memorable graphic designs. We are committed to supporting companies and maximizing their resources through experienced and service-oriented offshore staff from the Philippines.

Advantages of Outsourcing Graphic Design Services in the Philippines

Talented and Principled Graphic Designers 1 - Graphic Design Outsourcing

Talented and Principled Graphic Designers

Our websites are easily upgradable and modular to allow for quick updates.

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Meticulous Training and Quality Assurance

We utilize the latest techniques and systems to ensure that your websites load fast and rarely go down.
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Transparent and Accountable

Our websites are safe and secure from any attacks by implementing robust security policies and systems.
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Solid and Long-term Relationships

Call, text, message, or email us any time regarding any issue or question you may have.
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Keep track of your website statistics, including daily visitors, locations, pages visited, and other metrics.
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Latest Tools and Technology

Easily manage, update, and create content using our Content Management System (CMS) built on your website.
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Fast Turnaround Time

Our web designs are beautiful, engaging, and striking for your audience that will surely attract and convert customers for your company.
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Source Files Included

We use responsive designs so your website is easily viewable in mobile phones and tablets or any device your customers use.
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Human Customer Support

Your website might be your online presence but it isn’t the only one.
White Label Graphic Design - Graphic Design Outsourcing

White Label Graphic Design

We utilize the latest techniques and systems to ensure that your websites load fast and rarely go down.


Who Should Outsource Graphic Design

Many different types of companies and individuals should outsource graphic designers for their company. But it’s not a practice that is suitable for everyone. People who have smaller projects or one-time design work are better off looking for freelancers rather than graphic design outsourcing companies. Qadra Studio serves various types of businesses that need different graphic design work. We always make sure that our outsourcing graphic design solutions comply with your business needs and requirements.

GD Services - Graphic Design Outsourcing

Marketing Agencies

Start-up Companies

Large Enterprises

Printing Firms

Web Design Agencies

Graphic Design Companies

Why You Need Outsourcing Graphic Design Solutions in the Philippines


Reduced Stress

Free your local team of unneeded stress by outsourcing graphic design work to an offshore graphic design agency. With this, they can also focus on their core business functions to grow your company.


Increased Savings

Hiring a local graphic design company or recruiting and training an in-house graphic designer, you can save time and money by investing in outsourcing professional graphic designers. You receive top-notch design work for a fraction of the price.


More Efficiency and Productivity

When our experienced graphic designers relieve your local team of stressful work, your team can meet deadlines faster and increase their efficiency on their assigned tasks.


Supercharge Your Business

Outsourcing significantly frees up your budget and workload, thereby allowing you to use the extra funds to develop and grow your company.


Looking to outsource a lot of graphic design projects?

Qadra Studio is one of the top web design outsourcing companies in the Philippines. We provide digital agencies and companies all over the world with experienced web designers and web developers. With our years of knowledge and experience, our web design outsourcing team provides great value to our clients.

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Pricing of Graphic Design Services in the Philippines

Our graphic design outsourcing solutions offer great value due to its price and quality compared to our competitors. Costing about as much as $65,000 monthly, depending on the type of work, project details, and complexity, it’s a better deal for your business. There are other factors that affect the price of outsourcing graphic design work. If you want to learn more about it and how your specific project will cost, talk to us and we’ll answer you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our answers on the common questions regarding graphic design outsourcing in the Philippines.

Graphic Design Blog

If you are interested in learning more about outsourcing graphic design in countries like the Philippines? Read our blog for our articles that take on these interesting topics.

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