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Slide NON-PROFIT LIVING CHAPEL 2020 Designing a symbolic and serene website for a religious organization constructing serene, picturesque chapel gardens across the world. Living Chapel 1 Living Chapel 2 Living Chapel 3

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Slide CONTEXT 01 / Ever since Pope Francis urged mankind to “recover a serene harmony with creation” in his environmental cyclical, Laudato Si’, Living Chapel dedicated its existence to building a prayerful place that unites God with nature and humanity. Composed of artists and architects who share a relationship with the Lord, the organization incorporates the natural, artistic, and recycled to create a sacred space of serene harmony.

The organization had an inspiring and altruistic message but needed an effective way to disseminate it. They reconnect with nature through interfaith collaboration in establishing Laudato Si’ Gardens and Living Sacred Spaces. To reach out and inspire more people, they needed a website that spreads their word of re-establishing mankind’s bond with nature. This is where Qadra comes in.
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Slide IDEALS 02 / Laudato Si’, subtitled, “on care for our common home”, calls on the people to “cooperate as instruments of God for the care of creation”. We knew that we can stay true to this by taking inspiration from landscapes and the natural flora and fauna of the world. Moreover, they wanted their website to fly with bird’s-eye view shots of buildings and imagery reminiscent of nature. With this in mind, we needed to use figures from nature and greenery combined with architecture to bring images of their chapel gardens to mind. Mission motivated by God

Slide Living Chapel 8 Living Chapel 9 Living Chapel 10 03 / Website Throughout the website, we meticulously placed photographs, architectural sketches, and gentle curves and lines to depict tranquility. Using white space and curves, we mimicked the actual structure of the first Living Chapel. While the site is filled with inspiring messages of hope for a more environmentally conscious world, we use the design to subtly remind visitors of the peace and harmony they can achieve. Sustainable concept for a better world

Slide Living Chapel 11 Living Chapel 12 Living Chapel 13 Living Chapel 14 Living Chapel 15

Slide WEBSITE 03 / The website can be comfortably viewed on any mobile device and screen resolution. We optimized the site to ensure that the Living Chapel’s movement can be easily accessed by more people, anywhere and anytime.
Salvation within reach
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