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Web Development for Australia 39

A Leader in Web Development and Digital Transformation

Get your website from the drawing room to reality and create stunning, mobile-optimized websites, tight in both form and function.



Having a design is just the first step to having a working website. Now it's time to actually build it and turn it into reality. At Qadra, we can translate your designs in to fully-functioning websites that are mobile-friendly and easy to manage.
Say hello to the contractors to your architects.

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Qadra Solutions in Australia

A Leader in Web Development and Digital Transformation

Creating websites in partnership with startups and large businesses for their goals


Web Development Services

Web Development in the Philippines can come in many forms and types. Our services are differentiated depending on your needs and requirements. We take pride in our feature-rich, functional, and first-rate websites. So take a look at the services we can provide your company.

Application Programming Interface (API) Development

Web Development for Australia 41

Application Programming Interface Development

From voice, video, payment, accounting, and cloud, we can help you create, incorporate, or utilize API.

Bug and Issue Resolution

Web Development for Australia 42

Bug Issue and Resolution

Constant updates can suddenly break your site. Our web developers and technical support staff can fix any issue or problem you might encounter.

Business Automation

Web Development for Australia 43

Business Automation

If you have manual processes that could be automated, our team can develop a personalized, scalable process in line with your business needs.

Content Management Systems

Web Development for Australia 44

Content Management System (CMS)

We are experienced in developing websites using platforms with CMS including WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla.

Craft CMS & Shopify Development

Web Development for Australia 45

Craft CMS & Shopify Deployment

We create personalized, user-friendly, and sophisticated online stores using Craft CMS and Shopify to provide excellent online shopping experiences for your customers.

Custom Plug-ins

Web Development for Australia 46

Custom Plug-ins

We can create and modify robust and sophisticated plug-ins to introduce new functionalities to your site. You get unique, stable plug-ins in line with your specialized needs and requirements.

Full Web Design and Web Development

Web Development for Australia 47

Full Web Design and Web Development

From design, layout, graphics, coding, development, hosting, and maintenance, we create a full website from the ground up. We take care of the front- and back-end of the website for you.

Installation and Configuration

Web Development for Australia 48

Installation and Configuration

With your existing web and domain hosting, we can install and configure themes that you bought. We are well-versed in working with various server environments and hosting, including GoDaddy and Bluehost among others.

PSD/XD/Sketch to Email

Web Development for Australia 49

PSD/XD/Sketch to Email

If you have an email marketing campaign, we can turn your PSD, XD, and Sketch designs into attention-grabbing and interesting email templates and designs for your marketing strategy.

PSD/XD/Sketch to HTML

Web Development for Australia 50

PSD/XD/Sketch to HTML

If your designs, files, and assets are in Adobe software, we can convert your PSD, XD, and Sketch to HTML for your website.

PSD/XD/Sketch to WordPress

Web Development for Australia 51

PSD/XD/Sketch to WordPress

If you’re comfortable within a WordPress environment, we can also turn your designs in Adobe Photoshop, XD, and Sketch in WordPress.

Software Development

Web Development for Australia 52

Software Development

Our Engineering Team is capable of creating and introducing complex web-based business systems with multiple roles and users. These could range from CRM, Accounting, Inventory, and other software.

Support and Maintenance Services

Web Development for Australia 53

Support and Maintenance Services

For your existing website, we can maintain and update it to ensure it runs smoothly without major issues for years to come. From adding pages, installing new plug-ins, or modifying the design, our web developers are experienced in them.

Web Applications

Web Development for Australia 54

Web Application

From online forms, workflows, to management systems, we can develop web applications that can seamlessly work on your website.

Web Development Outsourcing

Web Development for Australia 55

Web Development Outsourcing

We can provide your business with a dedicated and experienced web development team, from web designers, web developers, and graphic designers to work on your websites.

Website Analytics

Web Development for Australia 56

Website Analytics

You gain insights on visitor activity for your websites including pages visited, time of visit, and user devices to assist in making decisions and creating effective business strategies.

Website Migration and Transfer

Web Development for Australia 57

Website Migration and Transfer

In moving to a different web hosting provider, we assist you in migrating your full website. Data loss or incompatibility shouldn’t be a problem. We ensure that all databases, visuals, files, visuals, and functions work properly in the new environment.

Website Rescue and Security

Web Development for Australia 58

Website Rescue and Security

If you experienced hackers on your website, our web developers can quickly help you save your website and protect it from attackers in the future

WordPress Theme Creation

Web Development for Australia 51

WordPress Theme Creation

We create personalized WordPress themes that are mobile responsive, W3C compliant, fast loading, built with HTML5 and CSS3.


Featured Web Development Projects


Our Web Development Process


Requirements Gathering Stage

When you partner with us, we start the web development service by communicating with you and discussing the project. We also perform market research on your industry and competitors to know more about your situation better. After understanding your brand, requirements, possible issues, and industry, we start creating a suitable project plan and timeline.


Web Design and Development Stage

We start website development for your company, involving creating beautiful, custom graphics and elements that align with your brand image and stimulate conversions. For the structure, functionalities, and design, our development approach keeps user experience in mind as we bring your vision to life.


Launch and Quality Assurance

After your website is up and running, our work doesn’t stop. We employ a rigorous QA and testing process to ensure the speed, security, and features are working and up to par. In this stage, we catch and resolve issues before they become bigger problems.


Web Development Company in the Philippines

Our Web Design Company - Web Development for Australia

Qadra Studio is a well-established company offering web development services to its clients. Located in the Philippines, we deliver a user-centric approach in bringing our websites to life.

We provide comprehensive web development solutions using our technical expertise, extensive experience, attention to detail, and customer-centered principles.

As a web development agency in Manila, we have been excelling in providing our services leading to the trust and satisfaction of our numerous clients from various industries.

Advantages of our Web Development Services

Future Proof - Web Development for Australia

Future Proof

You get websites that are upgradeable and modular to never worry about being left behind. We can redesign and update your website with ease.

Fast and Reliable Icon - Web Development for Australia

Fast and Reliable

Websites that load quickly and never go down can bring more customers to your business. We do this for you through the latest techniques and systems for fast and dependable access.

Enterprise Grade Icon - Web Development for Australia

Enterprise-Grade Security

Through our strong security policies and systems, we ensure the security and safety of your websites. Also, we can respond to and remove hackers or viruses when the need arises.

Human Customer Support 1 - Web Development for Australia

24/7 Human Customer Support

You can expect courteous and professional responses from us regarding your queries or concerns. Call, text, message, or email us any time regarding any issue or question you may have. We’ll readily, courteously, and professionally answer you at all times.

Integrated Analytics Icon - Web Development for Australia

Integrated Analytics

We enable tools in the site so you can monitor website statistics, such as daily visitors, locations, and pages visited.

Content Management System CMS - Web Development for Australia

Content Management System (CMS)

You can create, edit, and manage content using our Content Management System (CMS) built on your website.

Impressive Web Designs Icon - Web Development for Australia

Functional Web Designs

We develop websites that are feature-rich, user-centric, and visually appealing so to engage and convert your target audience.

Mobile Responsive - Web Development for Australia

Mobile Responsive

Whether your customers are on desktop, mobile, or tablets, our responsive websites ensure that they are perfectly viewable and appealing on any device.

Social Media Integration Icon - Web Development for Australia

Social Media Integration

Link your company’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media accounts on your website to effectively build a strong online presence.

SEO Icon - Web Development for Australia


Rank higher on search engines, including Google, Bing, Yahoo, and many more through effective and proven SEO strategies and techniques.

Training and Documentation Icon - Web Development for Australia

Training and Documentation

To allow you to easily manage your site, we conduct training so you take care of minor issues and handle basic operations for the website.

Full Website Control Icon - Web Development for Australia

Full Website Control

You have complete access to the server, database, source codes, materials, and files, along with its backups when the website is completed.



Types of Web Development

Web Design in the Philippines comes in many forms. It’s important to choose what’s best for your company. We offer the skills and expertise to give you exactly what your brand and company need.
Web Design and Development Illustration - Web Development for Australia

Why You Need A Website


Supercharge Your Business

Effective web development allows you to extend your online presence. Combining our inherent efficiency and wide-ranging background, we perform innovative, tech-driven processes to stimulate your business growth.


Increased Conversions and Revenue

Our website can capture and convert your customers and leads through human-centered development and engaging user experiences.


Dominate Your Competition

Fast, secure, and reliable websites enable you to edge out your competitors through effective web development that attracts your audience to purchase your product or service. Potential customers will always pick you over your competition.


Outsource Web Development Projects with Qadra Studio

Qadra Studio is one of the best web development outsourcing companies in the Philippines. We provide digital agencies and companies all over the world with experienced web developers and web designers. With our years of knowledge and experience, our web design outsourcing team provides great value to our clients.

Group 84 - Web Development for Australia


Web Development Pricing

From PHP60,000 to PHP500,000, the cost of Web Development in the Philippines depends on the number of pages, complexity, and functions you want for the website. Small company websites with only descriptive pages would naturally cost less. Meanwhile, enterprises needing large websites with ecommerce or database functions can go higher.

If you want to inquire about how much your website might cost or negotiate reasonable quotes, you can discuss it with us today.

Web Design Pricing - Web Development for Australia

Frequently Asked Questions

For the commonly asked questions regarding Web Development Services in the Philippines, here are a few answers we compiled throughout our career.

Web Development Blog

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