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Louigi in Outsourcing on February 14, 2020

Why You Need Outsourcing to Growth Hack Your Business in 2021: The Answer May Shock You

Do you work in graphic design or web development? If so, can you count the number of times you declined clients because you have too much on your plate? Is it hard to please clients with numerous design options and styles? If you want to keep up and sustain your company in the current fierce competitive landscape, you need a strategy that will support accelerated growth.

Let me present to you, “Outsourcing”, one of the best growth hack strategies you can apply to your business. You may be wondering why you need outsourcing. Well, it is a sustainable and proven strategy that improves a company’s profit margins and bottom line. Every day the demand for outsourced services grows. Soon enough, it’ll be normal for companies to do so. With the benefits it provides, it’s no wonder that more and more companies are outsourcing their graphic design, marketing, web design, web development, and other services.

Outsourcing is one of the growth hacking strategies you can do. What is growth hacking you may ask? It is simply the many bootstrapping strategies and tricks for massive and rapid business growth. Typically, they are low cost and risk but high reward which is why it seems like they’re done with hacking. This makes it very popular for small businesses and startups.

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Just look at the following reasons why you need outsourcing, thus making it the best growth hack strategy in 2020:

  • To reduce costs and lower overhead;
  • To allow companies to focus on their core business;
  • To mitigate burnout of internal resources;
  • To increase efficiency in time-consuming functions;
  • To gain access to global talent;
  • To speed up hiring time; and
  • To improve productivity and competitiveness

With the benefits up for grabs, it’s easy to understand why you need outsourcing to growth hack their business, such as startup companies and small businesses. Recruiting an expert in the field costs a lot of time and money. It’ll take weeks to find one, sums of money to onboard and train, and the company wouldn’t be sure if it’ll work out. Through outsourcing services to external web designers, graphic designers, and web development, businesses save a lot of money, time, effort, and paperwork.

According to an outsourcing survey by Deloitte,  the top five reasons companies outsource is to cut costs, enable focus on core business functions, resolve capability issues, improve service quality, and maintain operations that are critical to business needs. With these benefits on hand, it’s not a surprise that the global market for outsourcing reached approximately $85.6 million.

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Why You Need Outsourcing as a Growth Hack

  1. Cost Reduction: As said repeatedly, decreasing expenditure is a major reason for why you need outsourcing. Startups are especially fond of this as they may not have the internal resources yet for their big projects. Through outsourcing, they mitigate big expenditures during the launch of their business. According to Deloitte, 59% of companies use outsourcing to cut costs. This is because businesses no longer need to spend money on infrastructure or internal employees. The outsourcing service already takes care of the office upkeep, staff insurance, utility bills, and taxes. As a business, the money you save is nothing to scoff at.
  2. Productivity Improvement: When in a startup or small business, owners need to wear many hats so their time and attention are limited. Outsourcing allows companies to share the workload to free their hands to prioritize what their business is about. External industry experts will take care of the outsourced service so businesses can be more productive in performing their in-house core functions. With the right outsourcing service, the business will significantly improve its efficiency and productivity. Not to mention how the outsourcing service will grow their business as well.
  3.  Enhanced Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities: The hiring process for talented resources is long, expensive, and uncertain especially if the business owner is unfamiliar with the field. Outsourcing allows the business to not break their backs and wallets. For small budgets and tight deadlines, recruiting excellent and talented staff is nearly impossible. With outsourcing, the business gains access to an expert in the field from anywhere in the world. For example, a business would be hard-pressed in obtaining an expert graphic designer quickly within their immediate area. Outsourcing graphic design services save them the trouble of hiring one while enabling them to get knowledgeable and experienced professionals. Connecting to people with the right expertise is just one reason why you need outsourcing.
  4. Better Hourly Rates: For many businesses all over the world, outsourcing is convenient for the reasonable hourly rates available to it. Businesses will only pay for priced hourly rates or fixed rates for specific jobs instead of providing wages to full-time staff. Outsourcing saves businesses a lot of money on overhead. As an example, a business contacts an outsourcing logo design agency such as Qadra Studio. That business could then acquire a logo design service that is cost-efficient, fast, and high quality completed by experienced graphic designers and branding experts. This is why you need outsourcing.
  5. Safe Investment with High Returns: If businesses outsource their projects, they share the associated responsibility of the job, thus lowering the risk involved. For example, a company outsourced their web design service. If a problem arises, the company and outsourcing service will work together in resolving it. An outsourcing web design company with years of experience in the field provides a better chance of dealing with a problem than someone without the same credentials. Moreover, a web design outsourcing service will provide better legal guarantees against copyright infringements and trademark issues. Fewer problems but higher rewards for all.

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Outsource Your Business Now

By now, you should know why you need outsourcing for your business. The biggest growth hack strategy is easily within reach today. Businesses will only grow and develop if they get outsourcing.  This strategy enables companies to save time and money, open more opportunities, and increase productivity and efficiency. There is nothing more that they can ask for. So whether it’s a graphic design agency, web development company, web design studio, digital marketing firm, advertising agency, or any other small startup, outsourcing their services will allow them to be more resourceful and productive for years to come.

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