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Why You Should Get Web Design in the Philippines in 2021

With the rise of business transformation and the internet age, businesses are getting websites to keep up with the times. To help with the transition, companies look to obtain web design and development services to help them create websites. With its numerous design and development studios, the Philippines is a great source of excellent web design solutions and services for businesses.

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Qadra Studio is a design and development company based in Manila, Philippines, that can work for you. We can enable and empower your business to be able to run online while aligning with your goals and objectives. We help our clients extend their reach to potential customers who search for products and services online. In the digital age, this is increasingly more important.

Of course, getting your company online in a professional, marketable, and competent way is a different matter. So many companies out there have websites just for the sake of it. These usually have cookie-cutter designs that do not attract or engage customers in a meaningful way.

With how important getting a website created is, you might be wondering where to get design services. Here is our pitch that you should get web design in the Philippines. You can also contact us if you want to know more.

Reasons to Get Web Design in the Philippines

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Save Money

Compared to other sources, hiring web design companies in the Philippines has better value in cost and quality.

You can get web services by hiring web designers and web developers in-house. But if your business does not need to constantly maintain or build websites, this may not be an advisable business decision and strategy. Hiring an in-house developer takes time and money and getting the right expertise is difficult. If you are selling clothes or products online and don’t need constant development in the web design side of things, a dedicated web developer or designer is wasteful.

A better option is to outsource the website project to a web design and web development company located in outside countries. Different labor and living costs in various countries can mean that website development can be more affordable. Compared to recruiting, hiring, training, and onboarding web developers, you can hire a complete, full-service web design studio, such as Qadra Studio. This means that you can receive the same level of quality for fewer costs, time, and effort on your part.

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Better Focus on Your Company

When hiring a web design company, such as Qadra Studio, you don’t have to focus your attention on or worry about building a website for your company. You can instead focus on the core competencies and business processes of your company. We’ll take care of all the aspects of creating a website for your business.

Of course, to ensure that your website project goes smoothly, you’d need to take appropriate steps and considerations. You have to aptly prepare to properly outsource your firm’s website project. This way you can plan and cooperate throughout the process remotely without running into problems. You’ll have more time to manage your business.

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Acquire Expanded and Related Web Design Services

When you hire a web developer or designer in Metro Manila, Philippines, you can also take advantage of other services that they may offer. Your business can get other services, including web maintenance, web hosting, web security, website migrations and updates, health checkups, graphic design, brand design, landing page design, search engine optimization (SEO), e-commerce websites development, IT strategy consulting, marketing services, product design, and social media marketing.

Design studios like Qadra Studio provide you with many other experts and workers who can improve the quality of your web project. You get these services from dedicated and flexible quality assurance specialists, programmers, user experience (UX) designers, user interface (UI) designers, graphic designers, graphic designers, and content specialists. These Philippine design professionals can effectively improve usability, accessibility, and customer satisfaction.

When you acquire website services in the Philippines, especially with boutique studios, you can obtain all the experts in one place. This, of course, enhances the coordination, value, and quality of the web design service.

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Better Work-life Balance for You and Your Employees

Creating and launching a website is a difficult project. If you try to do it yourself or assign an employee without much experience in web design, you’ll have a hard time. Balancing how to learn on building websites and doing it yourself is a tall task. Moreover, the lack of experience almost guarantees that you wouldn’t be able to create a professional, engaging, and attractive website.

If you leave the website creation to web development and design professionals, you get less stress by freeing yourself and your team from additional tasks aside from your current business.

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Obtain Quality Web Design Experts

Some people wrongly assume that outsourcing projects mean that you’ll get lower quality designs. But that’s simply not true. You can get all the benefits and quality from in-house or local web design firms as with outside web design agencies. The Philippines consistently ranks highly in the best countries to outsource in the world.

The reason for this is not just because it’s more cost-effective to obtain services but also because outsourcing opens you up to high-quality and talented web design teams and experts. You gain access to experienced experts and creatives anywhere in the world, including the Philippines. You can gain our highly skilled, competitive, and effective web designers at a lower cost but with immense value.

Furthermore, if you outsource your website project, you don’t need to worry about learning the technical skills that a developer needs to do the project yourself or manage an in-house developer in doing it. A web design company in the Philippines such as Qadra Studio can do it for you.

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Filipinos Have Outstanding Work Ethics – Web Design Philippines

When you get website services in the Philippines, you not only get trained experts and professionals, but also dedicated, passionate, and determined individuals who can learn quickly and communicate well. Workers and web designers in the Philippines are naturally fluent in English thanks to a Westernized upbringing. They’re globally competitive employees who are dependable and loyal to ensure that their clients’ business thrives. That’s why business owners want to outsource their web design projects in the Philippines.

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Autonomous Professional Training and Development for Employees

When you have an in-house web designer or developer, you’re in charge of their training. This of course costs time, money, and effort on your part. Meanwhile, if you outsource your web design to firms in the Philippines, they’ll do it for you. They manage their employees’ professional development.

Excellent web design firms such as Qadra Studio invest in allowing and encouraging their workers to attend courses, conferences, and workshops. This way, they’ll learn new technologies and trends in web development, including WordPress and other solutions. You can be sure that our employees are high quality and well-trained to provide development services.

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Updated and Versatile Choice of Technology and Practices

Web design and web development companies in the Philippines follow the latest trends in technology and best practices. The advantage of hiring full-stack web design and web development companies is that your business can leverage the knowledge and expertise of the development team. From quality assurance specialists to project managers, and UX and UI designers, you can rely on these professionals to offer you the best practices and right technology for your needs.

Depending on your needs, you can acquire various services, including e-commerce development, custom software development, project management, voice services, content marketing, content management system (CMS) development, search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, customer relationship management (CRM) consulting, mobile app development, IT staff augmentation, and conversion optimization.

In addition, security is a major aspect affected by updated software and technologies. If you want the best protection and web security for your website, you need the latest security applications to stay ahead of potential hackers and attackers.

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Improved Credibility for your Brand and Company

When potential customers look for businesses, they first search for them online. Nothing else can improve the credibility and first impression than a professionally made website. Whether you’re a fresh startup or an established enterprise, effective and engaging web design boosts your chances of acquiring customers and users.

Especially if you’re a startup company or small business, an easy-to-use, mobile-responsive website optimized for search engines will surely increase your reach for clients and customers.

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Sharing the Responsibility of Your Business

When you get your web design from the Philippines, your problems become our problems. We are not just “ordertakers” who do as you say even if it might be harmful. We are your full-on partners. We actually care for your business so we do all we can for what’s best for it. Even if it’s beyond the service you originally purchased, we’ll still help you to the best of our ability because we also want positive outcomes for your company.

In providing our services, we’re accountable if we don’t follow through with the agreements and contracts. If something goes wrong during the process, we fix and resolve them as fast as possible before they become big or critical issues or emergencies. Our design studio will fix it for you. If you hire an in-house development team, then you’ll have to deal with the problem yourself.

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Faster Turnaround Time and Efficient Processes

In the digital age, everything moves quickly. The trend today might be old news tomorrow. So in order to not be left behind, you need to do the job quickly and effectively. If you decide to go with an in-house team, it’ll be much slower, from the hiring, training, and onboarding up to the supervising staff and managing the project.

Then with the work itself, you might not be aptly prepared to take on the challenge of web development and design so you can face roadblocks that’ll slow you down. With web design in the Philippines, you don’t have to deal with the heavy lifting. We know the right strategies and technologies to give the fastest and most efficient service possible. This is because the faster you can show up on the market with what you can offer, the better.

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Well-organized Business Continuity Planning

Imagine one of your developers had to take an emergency leave while the other who can cover for him is on vacation. If your business relies on them, you’re in big trouble. Thankfully, when you get web design services, you can be clear of this problem. We take care of the continuity of work whether there are vacations, sick leaves, paid time-off, day-offs, or any other reason to have an employee be absent from work. This means that your web projects will keep going no matter what.

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Easier Contract Handling In B2B Over Hiring and Recruitment

With regards to contracts or agreements on the services, there is less hassle in hiring an outside web design agency and studio compared to handling employee contracts. There are fewer HR issues and responsibilities to take charge of. Furthermore, it’s easier to let go of poor-performing outside design studios compared to in-house employees due to labor laws.

When Shouldn’t You Acquire Web Design and Development in the Philippines?

Despite the many advantages of obtaining web services, it has its own set of problems. There are major frustrations and stresses that people can go through.

For example, things might not go according to plan. From poor job quality to project detail disagreements, sudden work terminations, communication problems, and personal arguments, there are a lot of issues your company might face with a design and development studio.

So when a problem inevitably arises, what can you do? Clear, honest communication between the two parties can resolve most of these and the solutions for each of them are different. We’ll share what these possible issues are and some advice on how to solve them.

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Hiring In-house is the Better Option

Contacting and acquiring the services of a web design company is not always the best option out there.

For example, if you’re going to consistently have work on your websites, such as e-commerce websites, you may want to hire an in-house developer instead of hiring externally. Otherwise, the costs would be more expensive than it’s worth.

So if your business might be looking into large retainer fees to get a web design agency, recruiting a full-time web designer or developer to give you a consistent flow of website designs make more sense.

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You Belong to a Large Business or Enterprise

Typically, large businesses and enterprises have their own marketing departments that are in charge of the website design, brand design, promotion, and advertising for several departments, sub-companies, segments, or areas. In cases like this, it’s better to hire in-house designers and developers over a website design company. The same as above, cost is a big reason for this.

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You Have Access to a Truly Exceptional In-house Designer and Developer

There are supermen, rock stars, and unicorns out there. They’re special design professionals who can do it all. They’re not just a web designer or web developer, they can be a full digital marketing agency. It’s extremely difficult to find one but when you do, you must invest and pay them a reasonable salary. This is a long shot, but with big enough luck and investment, you may have the chance to employ one over an outside web design agency.

Contact Qadra Studio for Web Design in the Philippines

As explained in this article, there are many reasons why you should get web services in the Philippines for your company. From costs, efficiency, and professionalism to the knowledge of the latest trends and technologies, many international, Fortune 500, and startup companies choose the Philippines for their businesses.

As a company based in Manila, Philippines, Qadra Studio creates attractive, engaging, and intuitive websites with our expertise in web design, web development, graphic design, and branding. Whether you want a simple informational website, e-commerce site, mobile app, or any customized, advanced website, we have a team of expert website developers and designers so you can reach more customers, increase your credibility, and improve your revenue.

Whether you’re in Los Angeles, New York, Moscow, London, Hong Kong, Cebu City, Quezon City, or Tokyo, contact us now for all of your website design needs.

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