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Louigi in Business, Web Design, Web Dev on April 30, 2020

Why Should You Plan Web Development Projects in Advance in 2021?

Most new websites that come out, even if it’s just a simple company website, an advanced e-commerce one, or a big enterprise website, are conceptualized and created by professionals who are experts in their technical field in web development projects. A website is typically completed by a group composed of a web designer, web developer, graphic designer, UI and UX designer, and content writer. They work hand and hand to develop the complicated and long task of creating a website.

Throughout the web development project, a very important step of the project life cycle is the planning and analysis stage. At this point, the project target and proper organization is determined and set up to guarantee minimal mistakes and delays during the project.

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The Need For Planning Web Development Projects in Advance

1. Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail

Web development projects that are poorly executed usually have one thing in common. It is from a bad planning stage. When there is no decent direction and leadership from the get-go, the result would rarely be successful. Beautiful, engaging, and intuitive websites all go through a comprehensive and detailed planning process. The project will be smoother with more accurate budget estimates and project timelines when specific and details tasks are prepared prior to the design and development process.

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2. Assess All Project Details

Getting the right details for a project is crucial if you want to do it right. Good web designers and web developers would usually try to figure this out first. But when that doesn’t happen, a lot can go wrong. Firstly, how can they start without the information and details on the web development projects? Some of these questions could range from:

  • What kind of website is needed?
  • Is it just an update to an existing website?
  • What functions and features are required?
  • How many pages?
  • Are there graphics and illustrations needed?
  • What content should be there?
  • What is the budget?

3. To Avoid Wasted Time and Effort

When the planning step is skipped or downplayed, web development projects can eat up a lot of time and effort while being extremely unpredictable. Problems may arise in every other stage increasing the difficulty for everyone involved. At worst, it can even lead to complete and utter failure.

When the project is not sufficiently planned ahead, different parts of the team may have avoidable issues and questions. For example, the web designer may inadvertently introduce a problem from the design stage that only the web developer would identify late in the process.

These issues take time and effort to fix that takes the focus and energy away from more important parts of the project. This just increases the stress, pressure, and tension felt in the work environment.

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An Example of a Well-Organized Planning Stage

An effective planning phase of a project life cycle is made up of the following steps:

  1. Gather information, data, and specifications the prepare the marketing briefing.
  2. Discuss and develop the project’s technical requirements.
  3. Write and delegate detailed technical assignments for each team member.
  4. Plan the site architecture by designing the main page, estimating the needed number of pages, creating the structure, and arranging the main navigation directions.
  5. Design and flesh out the main site user interfaces and experience.
  6. Produce a functional prototype.

Planning is Key for Web Development Projects

One last tip, the planning stage would work best if all the members are open and there is more discussion. Doing this would mean that there will be less time taken during the development stage of the website. Everyone would save time and the process would be more effective. As the saying goes, “Time is money”. So if you want to do that, don’t forget to plan ahead for your next web development project.

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