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Louigi in Web Design, Web Dev on January 8, 2021

Top 20 Web Design and Web Development Companies Right Now

If you’re looking for a well-designed website, you want to go for the best. Whether it’s for a brand, company, business, or individual, you want that guarantee that you’re working with the top web design and web development companies in the world. That’s why we compiled a list of the best web design agencies that worked for big international clients or were featured in AWWWARDS throughout the years. 

These outstanding web development firms are capable of building your brand, engaging and attracting customers, and increasing your profits and revenue. You can read through their company descriptions, past clients, and notable projects that you can use to judge their quality. Check out the best web design and web development companies here.

This list is based on our opinion of top web design and front- and back-end development companies around the world and in no particular order.

List of the Top Web Design and Web Development Companies


Website homepage screenshot of Merci-Michel, one of the best web design and web development companies.

1. Merci-Michel

Paris, France

Specializing in digital production, Merci-Michel develops innovative and engaging interactive solutions, user interfaces (UIs), and immersive campaigns for their clients. They provide an array of bespoke digital services such as UI and UX design, motion graphics, real-time 3D, game design, and native app development. They created websites for international companies, including IKEA, Volkswagen, Play-Doh, Airbus, and Kode.

Homepage of Wonderland, an excellent web design company.

2. Wonderland

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Wonderland is an independently owned experience design studio that creates meaningful connections between the business and its target audience in the digital landscape. Providing brand experience, digital design, content production, and technical services, they worked with renowned clients, including Nike, Warner Music Group, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Randstad, and many more.

Locomotive homepage, an example of an excellent web design and web development company.

3. Locomotive

Montréal, Canada

WIth more than 13 years as a web design company, Locomotive has led the frontier in digital experiences and branding through its creativity and innovation. As a digital-first and customer-centric agency, their 25-person team provides digital strategy, content creation, video production, and graphic design services among others. They worked for major clients based in Canada, including the SOS Violence Conjugale, The Montreal Newcomer Office, Design Canada, and Carbon Beauty.

Website of Waaark, a web design agency.

4. Waaark


A French creative web studio, Waaark designs sophisticated, functional, and customized websites. In their work, they are creative, straightforward, and personal in designing for their clients. This is evident in the websites, e-commerce sites, and magazine and blog sites they made for Artisan Talent, Honor Society, Melville Design, Zoë Pepper, Box, and Carbone.

MediaMonks website homepage, one of the best web development companies out there.

5. MediaMonks

Hilversum, Netherlands

Founded in 2001, MediaMonks is a global creative production company that works with leading businesses and brands to provide a wide array of in-house production solutions. From bespoke website solutions to creative marketing and branding campaigns, they combine technology and creativity to deliver excellent web design and web development services across the globe. They brought their expertise to the likes of Mercedes-Benz, Uber, Weber Grills, Google, and Old Spice among others.

TRY Apt website homepage with Norwegian text.

6. TRY Apt

Oslo, Norway

A Norwegian digital agency, TRY Apt utilizes creativity, strategy, and technology. Aside from web design and web development, they also provide brand design, advertising, film, consultation, content marketing, and digital design services. Based in Oslo, they handled major clients, including Nintendo, Seafood from Norway, Perfect Day Island, and Equinor.

Random Studio's homepage, which show off their skill as  web development company.

7. Random Studio

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Based in Amsterdam, Random Studio is an experience design studio that makes brand and service experiences that aim to amaze its audience. Aside from web design, they also provide solutions for experience design for retail and exhibitions, product development, design research, strategy, spatial design, UX design, and engineering. They worked with clients, including Nike, Rémy Martin, G-Star RAW, and the Royal Academy of the Fine Arts Antwerp

Immersive Garden

8. Immersive Garden

Paris, France

As an award-winning digital production studio, Immersive Garden provides design, animation, and development services from their Paris location. They provide their clients with extensive web design services, including art direction, front- and back-end development, UI and UX design, creative strategy, and illustration among others. They brought high-end, digital experiences to international clients, such as Varagon Capital Partner, House of Borel, Decathlon United, Hidden City, and Soletanche Bachy.


9. Verbal+Visual

New York City, United States 

Specializing in e-commerce experiences, Verbal+Visual is a Brooklyn-based web design company, offering Shopify development, customer experience, modular design and development, omnichannel growth, and conversion rate optimization services. They work with thoughtful brands that care about their people and products by letting them tell a story, build communities, and enable change. These brands include United By Blue, Greats, Olivia Palermo, and Jonathan Adler. 

An example of a great web design company in Jam3.

10. Jam3

Toronto, Canada

As a global design and experience agency based in Toronto, Jam3 utilizes their creativity, insight, and technology in connecting with people. They provide effective web design and web development solutions for web and mobile platforms, as well as interactive storytelling, AR and VR, and experiential events and campaigns. They worked with top clients, including Postmates, eBay, Adidas, and Levi’s. 

Homepage of Voila by the duo of Julien and Diego, web design and web development experts.

11. Voila

Austin, TX, United States

Made up of the creative duo of Julien Renvoye and Diego Leal, Voila is a design and development studio that helps build brands and websites for startups and industry icons for over ten years. Aside from web design services, they also offer brand identity, motion graphics, illustrations, and mobile web design solutions. They displayed their creativity and innovation with clients, including Resolute, 56k Cloud, Daml, Crisp, and Ledger.

ToyFight homepage, showing off 3D-rendered sculptures of the duo behind the web design company.

12. ToyFight

Manchester, United Kingdom

Founded as a playful creative studio that focuses on design, ToyFight collaborates with brands and emerging businesses in developing engaging and meaningful digital and non-digital experiences. They provide excellent design and development solutions as well as branding, UX design, visual design, motion graphics, illustrations, prototyping, and animatics. Using their playful nature, they worked with startups and brands, such as Toggl, Nerd Skincare, Candid, Open Continents, PSG, Salomon, and V76.

Rogue Studio's website homepage.

13. Rogue Studio

Brooklyn, United States

Based in Brooklyn, New York, Rogue Studio is a design studio that disrupts the norms and creates great designs that stand out and inspire. Using strategy and design, they create customized digital experiences and brand identities that connect brands with their audience. Boasting awards from CSS Design Awards, FWA, AWWWARDS, and Mindsparkle Mag, they worked with major clients, including Ever & Ever, Interesting Development, Boston Illumination Group, Brews & Grooves, Coolidge Corner Theater, and CloudNow Technology.

Website of Build in Amsterdam, one of the best web design companies in the world.

14. Build in Amsterdam

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Specializing in e-commerce, Build in Amsterdam is a branding agency that creates e-commerce platforms to assume the role of digital flagship stores. Working with known brands, including Adidas, Suitsupply, Open Wear, Ace & Tate, and Powerhouse, they combine their acumen in strategy, branding, and e-commerce to create engaging digital experiences that can increase their clients profits and revenue.

Homepage of Clay, a web design agency in San Francisco.

15. Clay – Web Design Agency

San Francisco, United States

As a web design company and branding firm, they utilize their expertise in digital strategy, branding UX design, web design, and development in working with international companies. These companies include Google, Slack, Facebook, Amazon, UPS, Cisco, Fossil, Stripe, Uber, Ookla, and many more.

Viens-là's homepage that displays text on the services they provide, namely branding and digital marketing.

16. Viens-là

París, France

From Paris France, Viens-là is a creative studio and digital agency focusing on branding, digital experiences, web development, web design, UX, art direction, and visual identity. They consist of flexible and multifaceted teams that create bespoke websites based on the needs of their clients. These clients include European Le Mans, Kalios, Relaxed Fruits, John nollet, B. Henon, Massmotion, and Urbangaming.

Screenshot of Possible's homepage showing a video that details their expertise as a web design company.

17. Possible Moscow

Moscow, Russia

Showcasing Russian ingenuity and creativity, Possible Moscow is an award-winning creative agency that provides top-notch web design and web development solutions for their clients. With over 400 awards, they worked with clients, including Nestlé, Disrupt Marketing Conference, Unilever, Agency for Strategic Initiatives, and many more known companies and institutions.

Fhoke's website homepage.

18. Fhoke

West Dean, United Kingdom

With more than 12 years working in the industry, Fhoke is a WordPress development studio that are capable of creating best-in-class websites for leading brands. They aim to build lasting relationships with their clients by enabling them to unleash their true potential through excellent service.They worked with known clients, such as Metal & Gas, Neck of the Woods, Adige Design, The Wow Company, and Factotum.

Herdl's website homepage, another example of a great web design and web development agency.

19. Herdl

Ashby-de-la-Zouch, United Kingdom

An award-winning digital agency from the United Kingdom, Herdl consists of experts in web design, branding, animation, illustration, SEO, and PPC. For their efforts in making websites that create meaningful connections with the audience, they received recognition from AWWWARDS, Mindsparkle Mag, Site Inspire, Lapa Ninja, and One Page Love. They provides their esteemed services to major clients, including McDonalds, Samuel Day, Pest Stop Boys, Genesis, Axiell, and many more.

Active Theory's interactive website homepage.

 20. Active Theory

Los Angeles, United States 

Operating in offices in Los Angeles and Amsterdam, Active Theory is a creative digital production studio that designs and develops websites, apps, installations, and VR and AR experiences for their clients. These clients range from Spotify, Adult Swim, Rick and Morty, Pottermore, NASA, Thorne, and Netflix.

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