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Developing a website that facilitates psychological counseling and consultation services in an approachable and accessible manner.

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Web Design

Web Development

In the current climate of openness and interconnectivity, more individuals are identifying the importance of their emotional, social, and psychological well-being. As the value towards mental health increases, so does the need for quality mental health care services. This is where Gray Matters comes along.

Gray Matters is an organization providing psychological services for private and corporate clients. Consisting of licensed and certified clinical and assessment psychologists and psychometricians, the company wanted to reduce the barriers in receiving mental health care. They aspired to bring their tailor-made approach to evaluating and treating their clients to be more approachable rather than anxiety-inducing. From there, we sought to help them widen their reach in giving mental health care.

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One-stop-shop for counseling and consultation

Gray Matters wanted to make quality psychological services accessible through the internet. They asked us to develop a web portal where clients can access modules to learn about mental health, take psychological assessments, and receive counseling and consultation. For this portal, we knew that we needed to make it look approachable yet professional and trustworthy. From the moment the client arrives on the landing page, we want them to feel a sense of tranquility through peaceful and laid-back images paired with a clean and minimalistic design. This way, the website feels friendly and welcoming to make the user feel safe and comfortable as they seek mental help.

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A safe refuge of peace, healing, and hope

For the web design, we wanted to emulate a sense of comfort and positivity the moment users step into the site. Through visuals, we subtly put the mind at ease through calming scenes of nature and human interaction. We used the colors found in their logo as accents, tabs, and headers throughout the site. These pops of color establish a bright and optimistic atmosphere while they navigate the pages for modules, tests, and consultations.

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All in the mind

With Gray Matters’ customized approach to clients in mind, private and corporate clients are given access to different tests and modules. We developed separate dashboards for both clients to not only make it simple and organized for them to navigate through the site but to also give them an experience that is tailor-fit to their needs. Aligning with their goal of making mental health care easily available, navigating the site is both intuitive and straightforward. The website is designed to allow clients to take tests and read modules effortlessly. Booking a consultation with licensed psychologists and psychometricians is also possible through the website, thus allowing for a more private and comfortable experience for clients seeking mental help. For clients, asking for help and receiving quality mental health care is easier whether it’s in the privacy and safety of their own home or wherever they’re more comfortable.


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