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Circular Cities Asia


Building a toolkit and worksheets for an education and knowledge platform advocating for circular innovation in campuses in the Asia-Pacific region.

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Layout Design


Circular Cities Asia is an innovation and knowledge platform committed to helping cities stimulate economic growth, employment, social improvement, and environmental sustainability. To achieve this goal, they created the Circular Campus Program to teach their circular innovation and circular economy principles to campuses within Asian cities.

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Clean, green, and lean

As part of the Circular Campus Program, they needed a toolkit and worksheets for participants. That’s why we decided to make the design clean and easily digestible while being light, fresh, and engaging. A straightforward layout with organic hand-drawn illustrations gave their mission and teachings a sense of approachability despite their lofty goals.

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Enlighten the world

For the icons and illustrations, we wanted to share their vision of growth and a sustainable future. The lightbulb and sprout represented how ideas lead to positive change. Meanwhile, the hands show how change is possible through human intervention and a sense of community. These illustrations aid the audience to understand their message better.

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Message for change

To complement these illustrations, the minimalist structure and layout were embellished with subtle gradients, textured backgrounds, and clean outlines. This combination provided an intuitive flow that directed the audience and enabled them to easily understand Circular Cities Asia’s message of innovation and sustainability.


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