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Building the architecture of a responsive website for an international school that prides itself for its experimental methods of teaching cultivated through a highly creative and innovative environment.



Web Development

In this day and age, a number of educational institutions recognize the need for a different type of education. These institutions take the risk of going off the beaten path to create an environment that focuses on the inherent creativity and curiosity of a child. One of these institutions is the Cascades International School based in Mandaluyong City, Philippines.

Cascades wanted a very clean and simple site with pops of delicate colors. They wanted their site to be playful yet minimalist, straight to the point, no frills, functional and responsive. Our job was to translate the designs into reality and create a seamless experience that’s accessible in all platforms.



Back to basics

In handling the development of the website, we had two main goals: Make it responsive and make it fast. With simple functionalities and a minimalist design, we knew we had to get the basics down right.



Cascades anywhere, anytime

In order to create the best website user experience for a simple website, the website has to be accessible in all devices. The Cascades website was designed and developed to be viewed across multiple screen sizes. From optimized images, flexible layouts and media, we created a flexible website that can be viewed anywhere, anytime.



Innovative education at the snap of your fingers

A website’s success hinges on a lot of factors. But one factor that a lot of people overlook is speed. Speed can affect a visitor’s overall experience with a website. To make sure the Cascade website is in tip top shape with regards to speed, we made sure to optimize all images, optimize the CSS code, use the necessary plugins, compress what needs to be compressed, and clean and organize as we developed.


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