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Louigi in Logo on February 13, 2020

How to Choose a Logo Designer Online: 4 Helpful Tips

There are too many horror stories of rogue designers giving businesses their awful logos riddled with copyright issues, confusing branding, and dreadful taste.  It’s so bad that sometimes it’s better for the business to have no logo at all rather than use a terrible one. This is problematic as companies need effective logos to establish a recognizable brand that allows them to relate and connect with possible customers. The logo is the face of the company. It’s where potential clients gain their first impression before buying your product or service.

With that in mind, you might be asking yourself how to choose a logo designer — how do you find an appropriate, professional logo designer to help your business? There are a huge number of freelancers and companies that provide this service. One of them is Qadra Studio, a logo design company based in the Philippines. Aside from us, there are a lot of other choices available. How would you know that you’re picking the right one?

How To Choose A Logo Designer

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Check Out their Portfolios

For freelancers and logo design companies, their portfolios show their overall style and strengths. The portfolio is a collection of the best work that they use to attract their clients. Closely look at their trends in design and the quality of their logos. From this, you can assess if they match what your business needs. This is pretty much the essence of how to choose a logo designer.

Compared to freelancers, logo design companies allow you to work with multiple logo designers so you’ll be able to have more choices in the direction if you want. In either case, you should look for designers that can the following for your business:

  • Goals and objectives;
  • Personality;
  • Target market; and
  • Online presence.

Learn the Services they Provide

Before contacting a professional logo designer,  some businesses already know exactly what they’re looking for from the design, layout, and color choice. For businesses that are not as prepared, many logo design companies can provide advising and brainstorming sessions to help with the development.

These companies offer consultation packages that are useful for companies that are just establishing their brand. See if they offer this consultation service so you can choose if you also want a consultant who will assist you in designing your logo each step of the way.

If you already have a specific idea in mind and even concept sketches, you can refuse the consultation service. Just inform the logo design company of your particular demands to get what you want.

If you decide to get a consultation instead, here are a few reminders on what to do. Before going into a logo consultation, come up with a general idea of what you want people to see in your logo. Identify how your concept will impact its audience and what you want to accomplish with it.

For example, colors affect how potential customers perceive your logo. Cool blue shades might calm their nerves while hot red hues might heat them up. The impact further changes based on combinations of colors used. If you are unsure of how all this works together,  logo design agencies who offer quality consultation services will help you make the right decisions for your business. That is the right way on how to choose a logo designer.

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Scan for their Legal Guarantees

One of the worst problems you can encounter in getting a logo is a trademark or copyright issue. You will lose time and money and damage your reputation in fighting this avoidable pitfall.  Cheap freelancing and outsourcing service providers may scam you by using stolen assets and logos, leading to copyright infringement issues. With a bad and stolen logo design, the potential fees and liabilities your company may face increases. A quality and professional logo design company will ensure the logos they provide are original without any existing trademarks for it.

Even if the logo designers have legal guarantees, make sure to keep all of them. This way, if you are sued for wrongfully infringing copyrights and trademarks, you have proof it’s not your fault so the design company will reimburse you. Just keep a copy of the receipt or agreement or whatever the legal equivalent is. However, you should always remember that it is your duty to trademarking the logo once it is received. If you don’t, you instead waive a part of your possible grievances.

Read their Reviews

On how to choose a logo designer, checking out reviews lets you gain insights into what the service is like. You can find them displayed on the websites of logo design companies if they allow their customers to offer feedback and testimonials on their service. You can also see reviews from review sites or discuss with people you know who acquired logo design services before. If the design company provides it, carefully read through references that they may give.

The problems you should watch out for are issues on professionalism, communication, and timeliness. If you see negative reviews, take them with a grain of salt since you can’t please everybody. Even good logo design companies leave a few customers unsatisfied. If possible, look for an established business with a sizable number of reviews so you can fully analyze their process throughout the various stages of designing logos.

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Start Your Search For Logo Designers

Picking the right designer to help you in creating a professional logo is difficult. So hopefully, this article on how to choose a logo designer is helpful to you.

As an important aspect of your business, you need to take considerable time and effort in choosing one. Check out the portfolios of logo design agencies to see their kind of work and assess if it matches the quality you’re looking for. After identifying and writing down your requirements, see the kinds of services they offer if you need them.

If you don’t need all that they offer, you don’t have to acquire them. Also, make sure that the service and transaction are covered legally. The logo they provide you should not copy or infringe on another company’s trademark. Afterward, read through reviews left by their previous customers to get insights on what their company is like. If you complete these, choosing the best logo design company that is right for you will surely be a piece of cake.

If you don’t want the hassle, you can just go with us right now. Contact Qadra Studio and have a talk with us to understand why we’re the premier full-service digital agency, providing logo design, graphic design, along with web design, web development, branding, and internet marketing in the Philippines.

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