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Louigi in Logo on February 13, 2020

Guide to Hiring a Logo Design Agency: 5 Best Tips

Do you have a great logo for your company yet? Are you looking to hiring a logo design agency or designer?

Any competent business owner understands that an eye-catching company logo is important if they want to expand their customer base and increase their market share. The logo gives customers their first impression of the business. Effective and appealing logos pull customers in and allow them to easily identify what the business is about and the product or service it offers.

With ugly and confusing logos, potential customers are quickly turned off and go instead to more professional-looking companies. This goes to show that the logo has a large impact on growing the customer base to enable businesses to thrive in a competitive marketplace. That is why it’s crucial to hire a reputable logo design company consisting of experienced professionals.

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Tips in Hiring a Logo Design Agency

1. Review Their Portfolio

When you’re hiring a logo design agency or designer, check their portfolio to see if it is up to your standards. Any logo designer worth their salt has their portfolios up to show potential clients. They’re proud to show their work and highlight what makes them stand out from other designers. Looking through their logo designs give you an idea of their style, quality, and design choices. These will make picking the right designer for you easier.

Many logo designers have different styles so it’s important to see if they align with the requirements you have for your specific project or need. Get a proper feel of the designer through their portfolio so you can find someone who can transform your ideas into the perfect logo representing your brand.

2. Ask for Their Money-back Policy

The first tip when shopping for companies that provide logo designs is to check for their money-back policy. What happens if you’re not happy with the logo design? Can you request for a refund or any compensation? So you should read the contract, terms and conditions, or project agreement carefully before you decide on which company to hire. With how important the company logo is, it should be worth every cent you put in it. Hiring a logo design agency is about value. Make sure you get it.

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3. Check for Other Services They Offer

It’s not just about hiring a logo design agency. Next, you should look for additional offers and services given by the company aside from creating your logo. These companies differentiate themselves and remain competitive by providing extra services and benefits that other companies don’t have.

For example, here at Qadra Studio, we not only provide logo design services, but we are also highly experienced in offering graphic design, web design, web development, and search engine optimization (SEO) services. For the expertise and multifaceted approach we can give, you will surely get your money’s worth.

Business owners value the cost first and foremost when choosing logo design companies. If you’re still a startup and feeling your way through in establishing your business, look for cheap and cost-effective logo design services.

However, a cheaper price doesn’t necessarily mean that the design is also lower quality. Search online and you will find various services that are competitive in price while maintaining high standards in quality.

Take a look at our portfolio and see if we ever compromised on design and quality with our competitive pricing at Qadra Studio.

4. Set Timelines

The length of the project can be dependent on various factors, including how many logos you want or the quality you’re seeking. When reaching out to potential logo designers, you need to specify the timelines and schedules when you need the completed logos. A logo is very important in establishing and keeping a company’s brand so make sure to provide ample time for the project. This part is crucial when you’re hiring a logo design agency.

5. Be Clear on Project Details

When you have chosen your logo designer, it is now time to go to the requirement gathering process. In this step, you discuss all the project details you can think of. What is your company about? What does it do? What kind of requirements do you have? Are there specific logos and pegs that you are looking for? What message are you going for? It is crucial that the designer gets the right details and information neee to create a stunning, impactful logo for you.

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Hire Qadra Studio as Your Logo Design Company

A good one is hard to find. Hiring a logo design agency is even harder. As a business owner, it is your duty to have a thought-provoking and engaging logo to attract customers, build your client base, and improve your revenue. When choosing an agency to help you with this effort, remember that cost and quality are equally important points to consider. Use these tips and see how we fare as you look to hire a logo design company to help elevate your business to new heights.