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Louigi in Business, Internet Marketing, Seo, SMM, Web Design, Web Dev, Wordpress on March 12, 2021

Growth Hacking: 100 Growth Hacks, Tips, and Strategies

All businesses at some point need to try their hand at growth hacking. Nowadays, it’s required for companies to do this in order to quickly grow and expand in a very competitive landscape. First coined by tech startups, the term growth hacking has been adopted by companies in various industries in the world.

Growth hacking strategies are non-traditional marketing and business development tactics that are low-cost, fairly easy, and innovative. A growth hacker uses them to develop their business, reach more customers, and generate revenue for their company.

Here are some of the most effective growth hacking strategies we found that can be added to your business in no particular order.

Growth Hacking Examples for Your Business

A growth hacker checks on a piece of paper how well his business is doing through the growth hacking strategies.

1. Consistently Write and Publish Blogs – “For the Writing Growth Hacker”

The most effective way to growth hack your business is to simply write blogs and articles regarding your industry. A good web designer can get hits on their site but a marketer can make people stay there and turn them into paying customers. This is the essence of content marketing.

Good articles aim to help the reader. When they appreciate what you’ve written, it increases the chances of them coming to you and buying your products or services. Also, blog posts can increase your chances of being found in Google or other search engines if your articles are search engine optimized.

2. Contact Old Clients To Ask For Referrals

Referrals are when you provide financial rewards to previous customers or visitors in referring people they know to your site. For instance, if they get a friend to buy your service, the referrer obtains a reward in return. Whether it’s a discount on their next purchase or a free item, this growth hacking tactic increases sales and revenue for your business.

3. Install Crazy Egg and Test Your Website – Growth Hacker Tools

You can run tests through different landing pages and see which one performs best. You can use different words, phrases, headings, and calls to action, as well as various design elements such as font, layouts, colors, images, and illustrations. You won’t find out which works best until you test it out and improve your landing pages.

4. Promote Your Business through Word of Mouth

Whenever you can, reach out to people to tell them about your business, services, or products. This can range from telling people through word of mouth to contacting website owners for guest posting and backlinks. By doing this, you might just get to the ears that need you or you can improve your backlinks and reach for your website.

5. Contact Websites to Do Guest Posts or Backlinks

Whenever you can, you can send emails to webmasters or business owners if you can do guest posts or backlinks on their websites. This is an effective way of building your backlinks especially if their website has a high domain rating.

6. Answer Questions on Quora, Reddit, LinkedIn, and Other Platforms

Responding to questions and threads on social networking sites is an effective growth hacking strategy. This is because it can drive more traffic to your website. By providing helpful and genuine answers to their questions, you can gain goodwill, market your business, and gain traffic for your company.

A part of the Gmail interface on the laptop for a growth hacker to apply growth hacking strategies.

7. Collect Emails – Email Growth Hacker

It may sound old school since social media is all the rage nowadays but email marketing is still an effective method of gathering customers and growth hacking. There are over 3.9 billion email users worldwide. Potential clients are there if you know where to find and utilize them. 86% of marketing professionals still prefer emails over other communication tools.

After collecting the emails, then you can do email marketing to them. Consumers who receive emails from you may then decide to purchase your products or service because of your email. You first need to create an email marketing strategy that will lead to revenue.

8. Post Quizzes and Questions on your Site or Social Media Page

Posting quizzes or questions on your site or social media can be an effective strategy in engaging your audience. To a certain extent, people love getting challenged or answering questions. They feel stimulated and almost obligated to answer whenever one comes up.

Gamification and stimulating the brain through questions is effective since it’s a human’s natural instinct to be correct and win.

9. Give Rewards for People Who Share Your Content on Social Media

Just like with viral social media campaigns, getting potential and existing users to share, recommend, and expand on your content is a quick way for exponential growth. You can offer an incentive to get friends, users, or patrons to share and join on this. The loop never ends.

10. Give Customers A Good User Experience

It’s easier said than done but it is an awesome strategy in growing your business. Good customer experiences mean that customers are more likely to return and recommend your business.

For a website, it could range from the site loading speed up to the user experience in navigating the site. Slow websites test the patience of your users. At worst, they’ll skip over your website if it loads too slowly. Unintuitive and ugly designs turn potential customers off.

11. Recycle Your Content

An excellent growth hacking strategy that is often neglected is reusing and recycling the content you’ve already written. You do this by checking the content that had a lot of engagement or viewers and rehashing them. Resharing and improving your top content to different audiences can mean that your website will get more views and engagement.

12. Build a Community That Promotes Your Company For You

In marketing, the term product evangelist is someone who promotes products for a company without any financial incentive. They just love your product so they share and promote it for you. This takes time to grow of course. Also, for customers to be loyal and invested in your product, it must really feel valuable and of high quality. Fans of Apple are examples of product evangelists.

To do this, you must develop a community that stays engaged without being too intrusive. Try to respond to questions quickly and exhaustively. Eventually, you’ll be able to build a base that answers questions for you and even advocates for your company.

13. Ask for Client Testimonials from Customers You Worked Well With

Companies will of course testify how great their products and services are — because that’s what they’re supposed to do. An effective way to market and develop your business and persuade a prospective customer is through the customer testimonial. If a potential client does not trust what you have to say about your product or service, a positive customer testimonial might just do the trick.

However, you should be careful about forcing customers in providing testimonials. It’s obvious and sketchy when a customer was just coerced into leaving a good review. What you should do instead is find customers you’ve done a good job with. Ask them about their experience with the whole process as well as your products or services. The genuine testimonial of your success works wonders compared to an artificial or faked testimonial.

14. Sign Up on Obscure Social Media Platforms – Social Media Growth Hacker

If you’re in a competitive field, famous social media sites, such as Facebook or Twitter might already be taken over by the bigger players. You can try looking for smaller social media networks, circles, or forums related to your niche that are not taken over by bigger competitors yet. This way you can dominate a social media platform and have full access to your audience.

Sometimes, you can find these obscure platforms by researching your audience. You might read or hear about a site they’re visiting. You can look for that site and join it. When done right, you create a collaborative and safe environment that reaches your desired audience.

15. Partner With Companies to Share Audiences with Them

If you have partner companies, they are a great aspect to utilize for growth hacking. If you have two separate audiences and decide to combine them together, you’ll have double the amount. You have to remember that it does not have to be a direct competitor. It must be a company that is related to or complements your own. For example, if you’re a web design company, you may want to partner with a business like web hosting or some other aspect of digital marketing you don’t have yet.

Reach out to possible partners through email or phone calls. You can blend your audiences through organic ways, such as interacting with each other on social media or offering product or service bundles.

16. Conduct Giveaways to Customers

There’s nothing cheaper than free. And it is a verifiable fact that people love free stuff. Freebies are a great way to capture the interest of potential customers quickly. Growth hackers take advantage of this through social media giveaways. Joining the giveaway can require likes or shares to increase the reach. Simply promote it in many places to get as much attention and participation as possible. Make sure to give away something that your audience wants and that also promotes your product or services.

17. When You Become Well Known Online, Pay it Forward by Helping Those Just Starting

When you do make it big in the online world someday through your growth hacks, pay it forward on others who are just starting. You can give them backlinks and guest posting opportunities. By building relationships with the older and younger generations of online companies, you unlock increased mobility in growth hacking.

18. Perform A/B Testing on Your Webpages – “For the Marketing Growth Hacker”

A/B testing seems trivial but it is very important in growth hacking. You learn what works better and what doesn’t through these tests. It’s important to start testing on the areas with the most conversions. For a website, these include the homepage, landing pages, contact us page, products or services pages, portfolio pages, and blog posts.

Try to focus on a single part of a webpage at a time to make sure the results are correct. Changing different variables at the same time can ruin the analysis as the effect might be different.

Crazy Egg is a great tool to implement A/B testing on your website using behavior reports, including heatmaps, list reports, scrollmaps, and confetti reports. With that data, you understand what works best and worst from the A/B testing.

Many people visiting a trade event that growth hackers go to carry out growth hacking techniques for their business.

19. Go to Small, Local Events if Possible – Optimal Growth Hacking

A good growth hacker tries every place where they can promote their company, along with its services and products. This could mean attending trade shows and community events. You can go as a guest or reserve a booth if possible. Meeting potential customers face-to-face is a great way of marketing and promoting your business. You can even ask them questions so you can improve your products or services. Attending these events builds your brand and boosts your business.

20. Hire People to Make Interactive Content

Highly interactive content such as quizzes, riddles, polls, as well as certain videos and infographics are very popular. They get shared and posted by people especially if it interests and engages them.

That’s why you should hire people to make this specific content for you if your company doesn’t have a marketing department or team that can be in charge of it. You can hire a digital marketing or social media marketing agency or designers from Fiverr and Upwork to do it.

21. Post Challenges to Your Audience on Social Media

You can cultivate a positive relationship with your audience through constructive challenges, such as personal development goals, charity goals, or creative projects.

You can issue a challenge related to your business. For example, if you sell a type of product for artists, you can issue an art challenge where you invite people to create art using your product. Alternatively, you can give donations to a charity depending on who takes on or wins a challenge you set. Getting involved in a charity can build goodwill for your company, amplify your brand voice, and develop a positive reputation for you.

22. Show Off and Build a Strong Character or Personality on Social Media

If you have a big, impressionable personality, you can leverage it to increase the popularity of your business. You can become the face of the brand and inspire and speak for the company. Businessmen with strong personalities, particularly, Elon Musk have been able to use his notoriety to boost the popularity of his businesses.

This is a difficult strategy to apply as you need to figure out what magnetizes others toward you so you can convert them and build your business.

23. Provide a “Freemium” Option – Great Idea for Growth Hackers

If you’re a Software as a Service (SaaS) or software company, you can try using a freemium model for your application or software. A free option for your software or service gets people at the gate and interested in your solutions. If they like it enough, they may consider paying for it.

24. Create A Free and Useful Tool for Your Customers

Free tools, even simple ones, such as calculators, calendars, or what have you can improve the sentiment that your audience may have for your company. If your tool is beneficial and useful enough, lots of users might use it which would generate lots of traffic. This growth hacking strategy would help your user base.

25. Integrate an Opt-in Form on Your Website

A subscription form or opt-in form on a landing page or homepage can increase the chances of your audience actually filling it out. A polite popup or exit intent form can add the extra kick for a potential client to notice you. It can also help you assess the effectiveness of your conversion points. Any growth hacker should try this.

26. Disable Your Retargeting Cookies for 45 Seconds

This is because you don’t want to retarget those who immediately left your site without checking it out. Through JavaScript, you can set your retargeting cookies off for at least 45 seconds. With this growth hacking tactic, you can make sure that you only retarget users who want to see what you have to offer.

27. Put Your Old Articles in A Newsletter and Send them to Clients

If you already have a growing collection of articles and posts, it’s a great idea to repurpose them into a newsletter and send them out. It is an easy way to increase traffic to your articles and use our mailing list.

28. Make a Thank You Page and Offer Other Products or Services There

A Thank You page when signing up or when receiving your product can be the perfect time to offer additional offerings you have. They’re already interested and happy with what you can do so they may be open to what else you can do.

29. Utilize Pre-filled Form Fields – Growth Hacking Success

If there is similar or duplicate information that you don’t want a user to fill out again, you can pre-fill them through software, such as Formstack or Sitecore. This makes it easier for your users to convert and persuades them to avail themselves of your services — a highly effective tactic for customer acquisition.

30. Provide Content Upgrades to Your Blog Posts

An easy and effective lead generation and customer acquisition tactic are to offer content upgrades in posts and articles. You do this by extending one of them by giving more content and entries that can be found for download in exchange for signing up. From bonus tips and advice to tools, videos, and checklists, these can improve the chances of you gaining their contact information.

31. Organize a Schedule for your Google AdWords Call Extension

Phone calls may come at unexpected times when no one is around to answer them. With a phone number call extension on AdWords, you can set a time when the call extension appears so you can be sure that someone can answer them when they are seen.

32. Bid on Competitor Keywords through Gmail Ads – Gmail Growth Hacker

Gmail Ads are affected by keywords that are found in a user’s inbox. For example, if they receive lots of emails with the keyword about cars, they’re likely to receive ads about cars. You can use this knowledge to find potential customers who are receiving newsletters and promotional materials from competitors. Then you can offer them similar but better products or services.

33. Send Emails that have One-Click Webinar Registration

Through a URL, you can pass user information so when they click on the call to action button, they are able to automatically register to a webinar with their contact details. Your landing page or webpages must be able to collect this data however but when that’s done, you make it effortless for your customer to register. Getting them faster through the door is a great way to market and promote to them faster.

34. Create and Use Facebook Lookalike Audiences

When targeting ads on Facebook, capitalize on your email list by making a Facebook lookalike audience. This ensures that you target the same people who sign up and subscribe to your email list on social media.

A growth hacker checks a website for the forms that are used in growth hacking.

35. Incorporate Hidden Form Fields on Your Forms

With more data and information you have on your leads, you can cater to and develop them more. You can do this by using a URL that can be received by a hidden field on one of your forms. Using this, you obtain more data about your leads without making fill out multiple form fields. It can be the location, interest, referral link, or campaign.

36. Send Follow-up Emails that Look Like Correcting Your First Email

You can automate follow-up emails to appear like you “forgot” something on the first email. You can send an email that has a missing link or file then send a follow-up email correcting that mistake. Conversions tend to increase from the second email through this tactic.

37. Incorporate Exit Intent Popups on Your Website

These allow you to leverage your website traffic by displaying a last-second offer before they can leave. This is very effective for e-commerce sites or pages that cater to the “Decision Stage” of the buyer’s journey.

38. Trigger SMS from User Behavior for Growth Hacking

With SMS automation tools like Twilio, you can automate text messages after someone converts one of your marketing campaigns or webpages, visits multiple webpages, or subscribes to your mailing lists. This is highly beneficial as text messages have inherently high open rates.

39. Develop Automated Webinars – Educational Growth Hacker

These types of webinars can run by themselves without human intervention. Through recorded videos and structured webpages, you can provide educational videos that your potential customers can use. This is an awesome growth hacking strategy if you have the time and knowledge to share.

40. Use Personal Email Addresses Instead of Company Ones

People might respond better when they see that the email seemingly comes from a real person rather than a faceless company email like [email protected] or [email protected]. Seeing an email from “[email protected]” feels more genuine and people can have a better impression of it.

41. Add a Human Profile Photo to Social Media Profiles

Whether it’s your LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, or Instagram profile, it’s a good idea to add profile photos of a person there too. If it’s a company logo rather than a human, it can feel less personal. This humanizes your company and the person who sees it may want to interact with your company more.

42. Create a 404 Page That Looks Like a Landing Page

When people get lost in your site, making your 404 page a landing page can turn it into a new point of conversion. You can offer better pages they can check out, add a subscription form, or provide links to PDFs and ebooks of tools and resources.

43. Be On the Lookout for Easy Opportunities or Simple Issues

Regularly check your website if there are areas you can quickly improve or fix. Ask yourself questions about the current status of the site.

Are some pages of the website not converting well? Are there untried ways to improve visitor engagement? Are there images or text that are missing or could be changed?

Through some little changes and fixes, you’ll be able to greatly improve your business website through this growth hacking tactic.

44. Integrate an Entry Overlay – Web Design Growth Hacking

Entry overlays are like popups that appear once a user views a webpage. Especially with high-traffic pages, you can get high conversion rates from these. You can do this by including CTA buttons to sign up or contact your business in the overlay.

45. Tag and Mention People When Posting Content on Twitter or Facebook

It may seem obvious but tag and mention whoever is involved when you post on social media. The post can be seen by people that follow them so it is a good way to get extra likes and interactions.

46. Make Lists on Twitter

Making lists of people on Twitter can help you keep your follows and followers organized while increasing your visibility on Twitter. This growth hack can boost your online presence quickly and efficiently.

47. Use Polls on Youtube and Youtube Shorts

New features in Youtube such as the Polls and Shorts on Youtube increase the reach of your Youtube account since many people tend to interact with them so you can gain additional views and interactions. You can do growth hacking on your Youtube account.

48. Implement Autoresponders and Send Follow-up Emails

Through tools like Wishpond or Mailchimp, you can automatically send email as soon as a potential customer interacts with your forms, popups, or landing pages.

49. Target Leads in Google through Google Customer Match

You can combine your leads in Google search, Gmail, and Youtube using Google’s customer match. By uploading a list of contacts, Google’s algorithm allows you to target your best leads there across the search engine’s entire network. This is great for lead generation and nurturing and user onboarding.

50. Add 30% Scroll Popups on Content

If you don’t want an entry overlay, you can use 30% scroll popups instead. It’s a popup that shows up after a user engages and scrolls down the page. This is great because very few people actually make it to the bottom of a page. By showing them a popup, you can direct actively engaged users to contact you and get your product or service.

51. When Sending Emails, Add The Customer’s Name on the Subject Line

Using the specific user’s name on the subject line when you email them is an easy way to improve your open rates. Email service providers can achieve this through “Merge Tags” after you’ve collected their actual names from your leads.

A growth hacker experiments if his growth hacking strategies in their website are working.

52. Experiment and Test New Strategies and Tactics

Whether it’s A/B testing your homepage or trying out different content marketing strategies, it’s always wise to try new things that would work for your target audience. Plans and campaigns to acquire your potential customers are not one size fits all. Simple tweaks and growth hacks to your website, such as adding a new call to action or changing the layout can lead to further conversion and growth.

53. Use the Local Locations Option on Google AdWords to Target People

AdWords is smart enough to separate searchers within a location rather than someone who searches for that location. For example, if you’re a business in New York, you want to target New Yorkers rather than the many people who search for New York. With AdWords, you can target people within a specific location and not just people searching for that location.

54. Test Your Headlines for Blog Posts Before Publishing

Software such as Surfer SEO or SEMrush, can check the SEO of your headlines before you publish them. These can check if you have the right keywords that people actually search for and the type of headlines that people click on.

55. Create PDFs of Articles as a Means of Upgrading Content

One of the easiest growth hacking tactics you can have is to save your blog posts to a PDF and offer that as content upgrades in other pages.

56. Add Positive Client Testimonials on Landing Pages

To improve your credibility, you can add positive client testimonials or reviews to your website. When potential clients see how your previous customers had good experiences with you, they may be more willing to trust and buy into what you offer.

57. Incorporate Autoselect Form Fields on Forms – Web Dev Growth Hacker

You can enable auto-select form field options in landing page forms. This makes it easier for users to fill it up and convert as they don’t need to select the form first. Easing users into what you want them to do is a good step in the right direction. Usability and intuitiveness are very useful when optimizing your sales funnel.

58. Send Traffic to Landing Pages Instead of the Homepage

Having a beautiful and engaging homepage is one thing, but if a possible customer has a certain intention of what they want to buy, the homepage may not be specifically catered to that. A dedicated landing page fixes that issue altogether. For example, if a digital marketing agency has ads for web design, they should drive traffic from that to their web design landing page. A homepage may sell other services so a potential customer may not want to look at that when they want a specific service.

59. Clean Your Email List – Better Growth Hacking

You have to tidy up everything in life and that includes your email list. Your email database can see what emails have not been opened or converted for a certain time. If so, it’s time to remove those users from your email list so can optimize who your real user base is. Managing and improving your email list is important in generating leads and developing your business.

60. Determine and Target Top Referrers through Google Analytics

Use Google Analytics to check where you’re getting referrals from. If you notice specific pages, websites, or social media platforms that gain a significant amount of traffic, you should focus on them. Find ways to improve on those top referrers so you can get more traffic from them.

61. Use Merge Tags to Personalize for Landing Pages and Popups

When you personalize a message or content to a specific customer, it can drastically improve the conversion rate. People don’t like templated messages. It makes them feel like they’re not talking to a real person. Through merge tags, you can dynamically include personal information to headlines, email bodies, blog posts, or CTAs to your landing pages and popups.

62. Write a Detailed CTA That Says Exactly What the Button Does

Call to Action (CTA) buttons are tricky. You want potential customers to make an action and some can be a bit vague. If you be more specific about what will happen when they click the button, it can be more effective. For instance, using “Get a discount” or “Increase the Reach of My Business”, as CTAs can be better than using just “Get in touch”.  More conversions can be had when your CTAs are simple and specific.

63. Utilize the AIDA (Attention-Interest-Desire-Action) Copywriting Formula

If you’re not sure how to write the copy for your landing page or email, make use of the AIDA copywriting formula. This is an effective method to growth hack your business.

64. Use the AdWords Keyword Planner in Looking for Keyword Opportunities

Even if you’re not currently working on AdWords campaigns, you can still capitalize on the tool using its keyword planner to find keyword opportunities for your content. You can find what keywords you can use related to the niche you are targeting in order to optimize your content.

65. Use the Skyscraper Technique for a Better SEO Page

The skyscraper technique is a method of optimizing your article’s SEO by looking at the high-ranking articles on the keyword you want and writing content longer and richer than that. Kind of like how different countries have made skyscrapers that are all taller than the last one until they can claim to have built the tallest skyscraper. Through this technique of creating content, you can be seen even in highly competitive keywords.

66. Launch a Referral Contest – Contest Growth Hacker

You do this by asking users to refer other users to win a prize. People have a natural desire to win so this can increase sharing and engagement among users. When done well, your contest may even go viral and more people can learn about your company. This growth hacking technique can seriously develop your business.

67. Prepare a List of Hot and Warm Leads through Marketing Automation

When you gather hot and warm through marketing automation software, you can see which users are most engaged and ready to buy. An easy way to see this is by checking which users have visited a certain page at least twice in two days. That means they’re really at the decision stage and simply waiting for an opportunity to buy.

Picture of the Settings button in the WordPress dashboard that a growth hacker uses to apply growth hacking techniques.

68. Trigger a Popup from a JavaScript Event

Through a JavaScript event, you can trigger a popup that can direct users to however you want. From filling out a form, going to a certain page, or downloading a portfolio, it can be a number of things as long as it aligns with your growth hacking objectives.

69. Prepare and Comment on Slideshares on Related Topics to Improve Traffic

Slideshares are a modern way to share information. When you create them with helpful advice and tricks, it can lead to more traffic on your website. You can also comment on popular Slideshares to lead people towards your website as well.

70. Browse 100 or More LinkedIn Profiles a Day – Simple Growth Hacking

When you view a person’s LinkedIn profile, your profile can be suggested for them. This can increase your visibility as a user and company. You can even use Chrome extensions like Linkclump to open and view multiple profiles at once.

71. Retarget Using Specific Content that Users Viewed

You can make a customized retargeting campaign from a successful piece of content. When doing this, you can position and target them effectively. For instance, they just viewed a web design page, you can retarget specific viewers of that page with a retargeting ad for web design. This can increase your chance of converting them.

72. Use Software to Track and See Who Reads your Emails

Hubspot offers tools like Sidekick that can allow you to be able to read when someone opens and reads your emails. This can let you gauge who you can follow up with or who has an interest in what you offer.

73. Look Back on Your Landing Page and Identify What You Can Improve

If you have a website, making one and just letting it be is not enough. You have to constantly observe and monitor the performance of your landing pages. When potential customers visit your website and the landing page does not lead to conversion, you may have to optimize your landing page.

74. Add Directional Cues to Your Website UI –  “For the UX and UI Growth Hacker”

Arrows that can subtly direct people where you want them to look can increase your conversions. It doesn’t need to be arrows. You can be more subtle in the design as long as you can push users to what you want them to do.

75. Republish your Blog Articles and Content on LinkedIn

LinkedIn also has its own publishing platform that you can capitalize on to get more out of the content you’ve already posted on your website. This growth hacking technique can help you reach 171 million users of LinkedIn and build a following outside your site.

76. Reach Out to Influencers to Share Your Posts and Pages

Asking influencers to share your posts and pages is a great way to reach additional potential customers and clients. As long as the influencer is related to your niche or appeals to the demographic you’re looking for, it can increase your lead generation and conversion. Simply reach out to them through social media or email if they prefer and you can work out an agreement from there.

77. Try Google AdWords Email-based Retargeting

Google AdWords can take a list of contacts and then process that to retarget a specific group of people based on that list. It leverages the entirety of the Google network so you can reach more people that use Youtube, Gmail, Google search, or other Google services.

78. Use Landing Pages to Gauge Interest on New Products or Services

If you have a product or service idea, even if it doesn’t exist yet, you can test how if it is product-market fit or if it’ll work out by making a landing page for it and assessing how many people view or take interest in it. If it gains a lot of traffic, it may be a good idea to create and launch that product or service.

79. Ask for Feedback on Social Media – Growth Hacking in Social Media

Communicating with your audience directly is an effective way of knowing what they want. This is a legitimate and genuine growth hacking method of gaining comments on how you can improve and work on your products or solutions. This way you can make sure your offerings are product-market fit.

80. Tell Users to Share the Products or Services after Being Converted

When you have successfully converted a user — either by having them fill out a contact or subscription form, you can also ask them to share it on social media. You can offer an incentive for them to do this and it’s up to you. Having your customers help you out with growth hacking is one of the essential techniques you can do.

81. Cultivate Strong and Beneficial Partnerships

Whether it’s related to your business or not, partnerships can help your business quickly grow. Most people shy away from this since they’d rather be independent than trust someone to assist them. Sharing revenue or industry secrets are legitimate worries but a good partnership can stimulate growth for your company.

You can gain access to elements and fields of expertise that can build your business. For example, partnering with a design and development agency, such as Qadra Studio can lead to a complementary website as part of your partnership.

As they say, “If you want to go far, go together”. The same can be said about business partnerships. The right partnership can be a dynamic and fast way in growth hacking your business. Worries about sharing revenue or knowledge can be mitigated through negotiations and the placement of proper safeguards.

A shot of a product page in an e-commerce site that a growth hacker can apply growth hacking techniques to.

82. Send a Shopping Cart Abandonment Reminder Email

For e-commerce websites, this is very useful as some customers may add a product to their cart but never check it out because they forget or are still undecided at the time. Remedy this by sending an email to remind them that they left the checkout page without buying it. You can address any apprehensions they may have and give them a chance to come back.

83. Send Out Webinar Reminder Emails

No matter how important anything is, people tend to be forgetful, especially if they can have a lot of things going on. So if you have a webinar, make sure that you have a good attendance by emailing or messaging attendees numerous times before and during the day of the webinar.

84. Add Google Calendar Invites In Emails

Google Calendar makes it easier for people to set meetings and dates with just an add-on for emails. You can invite them inside the emails and they’ll also get a reminder when the meeting is about to start.

85. For Login Pages, Add Social Logins

Social logins are when you give an option to connect their Facebook, Twitter, Google, or other existing social media accounts instead of creating an account on your website. Adding this option for logging into your website can improve your login rate by at least 8.5% — an easy yet efficient growth hacking strategy.

86. Draft Pre-written Emails for Leads to Send to their Managers

If you’re speaking to someone who needs the approval to purchase your solutions or attend an event, you can make it easier for them by creating pre-written email templates that they can submit to their management.

87. Schedule Emails to Send Within Office Hours

Using Gmail, Mailchimp, or other email software, you can schedule your email to only send during office hours whenever that may be. This way, you are sure that your leads are working and awake so they can reply and handle your messages.

88. Automate Emails to Remind Users to Renew their Products

If your business sells products or services that need to replaced or replenished, you should automate an email that offers the same product or service again at a certain date in the future. Depending on your offering, it can range from a few weeks to one year or more. You can also set a reminder for yourself to send these types of emails when the time comes.

89. Score Leads to Assess Performance

Apply lead scoring to analyze leads based on page views, scrolls, downloads, forms filled, or other behavior, along with personal information and interests. By doing this, you can categorize your audience better, remove unengaged leads, and optimize for your high-performing leads and prospects.

90. Create and Utilize Progressive Signup Forms

If you have a lot of personal information to ask from a user, it may seem daunting if you’ll simply stick them all out on one page. Instead, you can use a progressive signup form that only asks for a few pieces of information at a time. This makes it easier for the user and reduces barriers in converting them.

91. Create and Add a Hello Bar to your Website

A hello bar automatically scrolls with a user when visiting a website. You can add a CTA button or copy here to further market to your audience. This is a simple yet effective growth hacking tip to convert users by constantly reminding them of what they can do.

92. Add Free Stock Images to Articles – Free Growth Hacking

A Blog Post with just text tends to be very boring that no one will end up reading. Spruce it up by adding free stock photos and break the monotony of just reading text all the time. Websites like Pexels or Unsplash offer numerous free photos you can use.

93. Convert your Popular Social Media Posts Into Pinterest Posts

Recycling content is a great way to increase your leads and improve your reach. If you have popular Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter posts, you can convert them to Pinterest posts so they can reach a different kind of audience from there.

A growth hacker monitors performance for growth hacking through graphs.

94. Monitor Your Business’s Performance

This may seem like a no-brainer but sometimes business owners can be too overwhelmed by other matters to pay attention to their business performance. Taking the time to check if your pages, tactics, campaigns, or strategies are doing well is a great way to measure and improve them in the future.

95. Create a Google Business Page

Make a Google Business Page tied to your physical location so it can appear when someone searches for your company on Google. This also adds credibility to your company and makes it easier for them to find you.

96. Include CTA buttons In Emails

You can add CTA buttons in your emails instead of inline links. These buttons are more noticeable and can increase clickthrough rates. This growth hacking strategy can reduce bounce rates for emails.

97. Add a Subscription Field to Blog Posts

On the top of your blog posts or directory, you can add a subscription or feature box to allow them to sign up for the product you’re promoting. This gives possible customers a chance to acquire your product as soon as they can.

98. Use a Click Popup CTA on your Landing Page

Instead of using a form, get a click popup as your CTA. Forms with multiple fields can be daunting for people so presenting a CTA button first can increase conversions.

99. Match Landing Page Copy with Ad Copy through Automation

When done automatically, you can optimize the landing page and ad copy to a specific customer. Through JavaScript, you can dynamically personalize what the landing page looks like depending on the ad that was clicked.

100. Post and Launch on a Tuesday – Strategy Growth Hacker

It depends on your location and culture but Tuesday is typically a great day to launch, products, features, or articles for growth hackers. This is because it’s generally the day with the highest engagement on social media.

A growth hacker fell asleep on a couch with a book titled "Growth Hacking" on his face.

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