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Louigi in UX, Web Design, Web Dev on January 25, 2021

Best 30 Video Portfolio Website Examples for Videographers

Videos are a big part of how customers and clients like to consume content. Research suggests that 55% of website visitors are more engaged in watching videos rather than reading blog posts. For the average consumer, you’ll have better chances of holding their interest with a video rather than text. This is the reason why you can find many companies and individuals working in video or many websites with video.

If you’re working for a company like this or creating videos yourself, you might want to get a video portfolio website that shows off your creations in interesting layouts and designs. What better way to advertise or promote your art or business than with your videos themselves.

If your firm is currently working in film or videography, take the following examples as inspiration on how you should present your videos on your website.

This list is compiled mostly from websites featured in AWWWARDS as well as the team’s personal taste in websites. We didn’t choose based on great websites that simply show videos but ones that provide the best user experience for videography and video-related websites. It is in no particular order.

Websites with Video Examples

1. Worth It Docs

Video portfolio page of Worth It Docs, showing their videos.

From the name, the LA-based Worth it Docs creates documentary films for organizations and individuals. They direct, film, and edit these documentaries to present thought-provoking perspectives through interviews and film. They create films of authentic human stories that leave lasting impacts on their audience. Aside from documentaries, they also create corporate videos and brand stories. Throughout their career, they earned recognition in Prison City Film Festival, Middle of the Map Film Festival, and Philly Awards.

In their portfolio, they combine clips and stills of their projects in a long scrolling page in a dark background to accentuate and showcase the visuals they’re accomplishing.

2. When We Were Kids – Creative Video Backgrounds

Homepage of When We Were Kids, an example of a website with videos.

When We Were Kids is a creative studio that creates video projects in advertising, digital media, and fiction. Combining the talents of directors, cinematographers, photographers, and illustrators, this production studio creates videos touching comedy, adventure, sports, fashion, and everything in between.

The website background shows a creative video reel through a video background in the hero banner and once you scroll down you are subjected to the other projects that you can click. There’s a subtle animation on each scroll that draws attention to the images.

3. Salomon Ligthelm

Salomon Lighthelm's video portfolio website.

A self-taught filmmaker, Salomon Ligthelm creates films with a unique, experimental style that breaks the ground for new ways in visual storytelling. With recognition from Saatchi & Saatchi and 1.4 New Directors Showcases, Young Director Awards, UK Music Video Awards, and Ciclope Festival, the director highlighted his excellence at such a young age.

On the website, the user sees a gallery of images that shows highlights and clips of his films and videos when you hover your mouse in one.

4. Khoa Le

Homepage of Khoa L, a site showing background video.

Based in Montreal, Khoa is a filmmaker, video designer, and stage director who created feature films, documentaries, video essays, and video installations. With a distinct and creative visual style, the director has also produced content marketing work for advertising and commercial film, along with other creative pursuits. The Canadian director had numerous recognitions and support for the videography work from numerous grant and awarding institutions, including Gala Québec Cinéma, RIDM, Hot Docs, Radio-Canada International, Quebec Art Council, Canada Council for the Arts, Société Civile des auteurs multimédia, and SODEC.

The video designer portfolio website shows a video background at the top and once you scroll down, there are stills of videos that can be clicked to show a different page where the project can be played.

5. Neck of The Woods Films – Creative Background Video

Homepage of Neck of the Woods a video production agency.

Neck of The Woods Films is a video production company that films and edits narrative-driven animated and live-action films for educators, individuals, and companies. They are not just video creators but storytellers that make films that help clients connect with their customers across the globe.

Their videography portfolio website is elegant and stylish that is attractive for corporate clients. Similar to the others, the homepage has a video background along with images of previous works once you scroll down.

6. Secret Wood

Gallery of videos that showcase what Secret Wood can do.

Based in Italy but hailing themselves between Twin Peaks and Hill Valley, Secret Wood is a group of filmmakers directing and creating short films, documentaries, commercials, and music videos. As a group of video professionals, they work with clients and utilize ideas and technology to tell stories through film and images.

Their portfolio web page shows clips of their films in a dark background. With an interesting aesthetic that’s close to screenplays and films, they show off their identity in a subtle and elegant way.

7. Sandbox Films – Video Background

Site of videography company, Sandbox Films, which has a background playing.

As a documentary studio, Sandbox Films brings to light fascinating human stories through their culture of questioning. They work with clients, partners, and filmmakers in filming and editing documentaries that they proudly show off on their website.

Their homepage shows off the sky and other aerial shots through a video background to evoke introspection and deep thoughts to the viewers similar to what they aim for with their documentaries. Their documentary video portfolio page displays their films with lively animations of the title, director, and still image of the film.

8. Robert McMahon

Site of Robert Mcmahon, film director and sound designer.

Robert McMahon is a film director and sound designer focusing on comedy, as well as a co-founder of Deft Film. He garnered many awards from the Alternative Film Festival, Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards, Avalonia Film Festival, and CARE Awards.

Based in Rhode Island, he hosts his personal website of his portfolio. It features a clean interface that displays posters of his past films and documentaries that you can click on to direct you to a page focusing on his featured projects. There are also social links to his Youtube, Instagram, and VSCO.

9. House of Maserati

Homepage that shows a CG of a car in a blue video background.

For Maserati’s virtual exhibition, the website blended animation and video to create a stunning and memorable presentation for a new car model. This is done through moving and computer-generated video backgrounds. Though not exactly a videography website, it shows a remarkable way of displaying videos and animations that can captivate audiences.

10. Justin Kleiner

Homepage of Justin Kleiner which shows a large background video.

A visual artist and musician, Justin Kleiner presents his portfolio and artwork on his videography website. Based in Santa Barbara, California, he combines traditional and contemporary visual designs to create new and innovative art both in visual and aural formats. His music work was featured in the film Way of the Ocean, while he has artworks displayed in the Shepard Fairey-curated exhibit, Manifest Hope. He also released the film, and Unseen Echo: The Cloud Forest in 2019.

His videography website features a clean, simple layout using the Folio theme. A video shows off his latest film while scrolling below shows the shop and his Instagram posts.

11. Prime

Site of Prime, one of the examples of a videography website.

An Atlanta-based video content creator, Prime features his portfolio in music, fashion, magazines, and commercial ventures on his website. In collaboration with musicians, such as The Weeknd to Felixx as well as known products and brand names, including Red Bull and Nike, he exemplifies his expertise in videography and photography in shooting music videos, promotions, and magazine shoots.

With a mix of static images and video highlights set on a dark background, the website showcases the various projects he completed.

12. Gath Productions

Gallery of the projects of Gath Productions on their site with a dark, large background.

Started in India, Gath Productions is a video production company made up of independent filmmakers and photographers that create digital media content. They produced corporate films, web series, commercials, music videos, wedding videos, and documentaries, as well as provided visual effects, production design, color grading, post-production, and equipment and location rental services.

They show off their extensive, previous work in videography in a full gallery layout of videos. Hovering your mouse on each produces a gradient effect. Each one can be clicked to play the video.

13. Halden

Simple, images in Halden Krog's site with a large background.

From Cape Town, South Africa, Halden is a renowned photographer who also has video operating experience he shows off. He appeared in publications such as TIME, Paris Match, and News Week. He shows off his photography and videography portfolio with a minimalist layout from the homepage to the videos page.

14. Insy Chengappa

Site of professional photographer Insy that utilizes a large background image of fruit on her homepage.

Focusing on food videos and food photography, Insy Changappa is a full-time professional photographer for over 15 years. She studied photography at the Speos Institute in Paris before settling in Dubai.

With a clean and simple design using the minimalist trend, the website’s designer made sure the site is easy to navigate using the menu and tiles. Capturing food videos and photos for restaurants, large businesses, and advertising, the portfolio website is suitable to show off her work.


Showing off a large background video with a play button on their channel.

NOWNESS is a video channel that nurtures and curates a creative and unique form of storytelling across art, fashion, music, food, travel, design, and beauty since 2010. Across the globe, they partner with established and fresh filmmakers to deliver emotional, thought-provoking stories to their viewers.

As a video channel, it shows players and thumbnails of a variety of videos that the users can watch next. It does this in a clean and intuitive interface that is a great way for content creators to share their videos and ideas throughout the world.

16. Nomadic Tribe

Homepage of Nomadic Tribe, an example of a videography company with a website showcasing a large background video.

Nomadic Tribe is a global travel community that allows all kinds of travelers to create and share amazing stories of journeys and experiences with indigenous cultures. The website offers the chance to let its users learn about tribes and connect with people while giving back to indigenous tribes and communities across the globe.

The site opens with footage of breathtaking landscapes using video backgrounds that can lure in the viewer to know more about what the website is about.

17. Mario Dragicevic

Portfolio of Mario Dragicevic showing images of his previous works.

As a freelance videographer and portrait photographer, Mario Dragicevic has captured people, places, and experiences that reveal distinct features and human stories within them. The work displayed on his site is shown in an animated and interactive manner that proudly displays the photos and videos. The unique and artistic way of presenting his images and case studies through animations and scrolls enhances how the audience and visitors absorb and view his artworks.

18. Radioaktive Film

Shot of a large background video that showcases the ability of Radioaktive Film.

Located in Ukraine, Radioactive Film is a film production company offering various videography solutions in Far Eastern Europe, including the Czech Republic, Georgia, Poland, and Ukraine. Operating for over 20 years, the firm served international customers in shooting feature films, documentaries, TV shows, commercials, social media content, and photos.

Their website shows highlights of their previous works that play one after the other in an aesthetically pleasing interface that shows links and the action in an intuitive manner.

19. Eastern European Movies

Homepage of Eastern European Movies which web designers styled simply and elegantly.

Eastern European Movies, like the name implies, is a website full of feature films and short films of various genres, along with TV series from Eastern Europe. It provides easy access to a choice of award-winning and notable films from the region. The website shows a gallery of movies in various categories including country, release year, and genre.


Site of Tao Tajima with a large background video in the forefront.

Tao Tajima is a Japanese director and filmmaker who is a part of Tangram, a Tokyo-based visual design studio. The director worked with the likes of Sony for their Xperia and Bravia brands, along with Space Shower TV, MTV, Stripe International, Inc., and various musicians. He is described as a visual artist who can transform everyday life into captivating scenes and landscapes through light.

His personal video portfolio website features advanced animations that fully express and enhance what he can do in his cinematic projects and corporate work.

21. Jacob McKee

Site of colorist, Jacob McKee, showcasing a still of one of the projects he worked on in a simple, white, large background.

Working in Los Angeles, California, Jacob McKee is a freelance colorist who color graded feature films, music videos, and commercials. He managed projects from known brands, such as Apple and Reebok, as well as musicians Joji and Khalid.

His videography website is interesting in that it starts as black and white with a few lines until a user clicks one of the boxes which reveals a still from his selected projects. It’s a great way of highlighting the hues, shades, and tints as well as his expertise in color grading.

22. Atlantic Wave

New website homepage of Atlantic Wave in a black, large background.

Atlantic Wave is a video content creator that provides exciting videos for business-to-business (B2B) customers, including major networks, corporate communication divisions, advertising agencies, and magazines. In partnership with Atlantic Television, they cover sales training, corporate communications, live events, social responsibility videos, branding, and medical videos.

Their website follows a more corporate style that is simple yet elegant to attract their B2B customers.

23. Active Theory

Homepage of Active Theory displaying a video on their site.

Based in Los Angeles, Active Theory blends videos and animation to show off their previous works. They created interesting and captivating digital experiences for Rick and Morty, Thorne, Vice, Pottermore, and Netflix. The website is fully interactive and immersive that displays the skills and solutions they provide. In addition to videography work, they also provide web designs, event installations, and VR and AR services.

24. Dennis

Large background of purple with Dennis sprawled over and a play button for a music video.

Produced by Always & Forever, Dennis is a music video by popcorn_10. It is procedurally generated in real-time using code so each viewing is designed to be unique. The result is a fascinating video that combined the artists’ and producers’ skills in animation, video, music, and programming.

25. Radiant Studios

Woman in a large video background for Radiant Studio' site.

Radiant Studios is a creative video production company in Utah that focuses on storytelling in its films. They create entertainment, well-crafted narratives, and meaningful stories that surely resonates with their customers. Despite being fairly new, they seem poised to show what they’re capable of in their video portfolio, which includes works such as Happy Hazel, An Incomplete Education, and Refugee.

Their website starts with distorted and heavily filtered images. Hovering the mouse in places, show neat and futuristic-looking animations to great effect. Scrolling down reveals their previous projects and other information regarding their video production agency.

26. Funken Studio

Another large background video for Funken, which is good for appealing to marketers.

Funken Studio is a Santiago- and New York-based creative studio that provides film, design, and branding solutions. Their studio produces award-winning creative content that has been exploring and innovating in visual culture since 2011. Using their expertise, they offered videography and graphics solutions for known brands and artists including Nike, Adidas, Angela Davis, and many more.

Their website is filled with bold colors, lines, and typography. The pages are interspersed with visual images and motion graphics that show their previous projects and display what the brand is about.

27. Ben And Martin, a.k.a. BAM

Combining design elements, BAM created their portfolio on a single-page layout.

Two Cologne-based photographers and directors, Ben & Martin (BAM), run a clean and minimalistic portfolio website. They show off their projects with Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Volvo, Vans, and other well-known brands and companies.

28. Everpost

Corporate video with an inviting message for users looking for videography production firms.

Everpost is another video production studio that provides post-production work to its customers. From video editing, color grading, sound design, and animation, their artists provide fast and high-quality solutions to their customers. They partnered with clients, such as Puma, Avery, Kwikset, NASM, Zevia, and LumaBella.

Their website first shows a circular gallery of some highlights of previous work which then later scrolls down into an informative, landing page that describes their solutions.

29. maxilla

maxilla showcases their projects in sections like a rolodeck on large background.

Founded in Tokyo in 2009, maxilla is a visual studio and creative agency that creates fascinating videos with a unique art style and direction. They’re responsible for music videos and online content that received awards from MTV, Space Shower TV, and PromaxBDA. Through their expertise, they were trusted by big brands, including Bandai Namco, Sony, Pioneer, Audio-technica, Microsoft, NHK, Toshiba, and Warner Music.

Their portfolio starts as a Rolodex style that highlights a different video from their videography portfolio each time the user scrolls.

30. Harvard Film Archive

Harvard Film Archive shows a variety of films in their website.

The Harvard Film Archive is dedicated to collecting, preserving, and showing film. It contains more than 40,000 motion picture prints and audiovisual elements all over the world from all periods of film history. Their website is presented like newsprint with stills and images from the various films, documentaries, and other insights that they offer.

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