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Louigi in Outsourcing on May 13, 2019

6 Steps towards Accurate Translations

Are you tired of receiving poor quality translations which can be impacting how clients view you? If so, you’d appreciate these six steps that you could implement to obtain accurate translations.

If you’re a foreign language firm looking to outsource translation, it may be very complicated, as there may be an ocean of translation companies and freelancers accessible. How are you going to make certain that you’ll obtain correct and professional transcripts that may improve your readership? Start by reading this blog to see six useful tips on how to ensure that you only obtain quality transcripts.

  1. Choose a translator who has specialized and in-depth knowledge on the subject you want to translate

    Before going ahead with any translator, be sure that to check if they are equipped with the required topic space skills to do justice to your text. For example, in any form of technical translation, the related sub-topic or context must also be recognized. For instance, in the event you take the word “tube” in UK English and wish it to be translated into Russian, you’ll be shocked to know that it has over 20 translations in Russian. The phrase may be translated as “show tube”, “catkin tube” or “drift tube”. The number of totally different translations may be baffling, so it’s integral that the translator you select is aware of precisely what the text is speaking about. Step one to acquiring correct transcripts is to make sure that your translator is a specialist within the discipline. A normal translator without experience in your specified area won’t be able to give you significant and high-quality translations.

  2. Work with a team of organized translators

    Working with a freelance translator for a small project is fine. However what if you require translations for different specific languages and topics as your project progresses? As you wouldn’t ask an accountant to design your marketing brochure, you cannot expect a single translator to do different types of translation, which don’t fall beneath their space of specialization. For this reason, it’s essential to select a well-organized team of translators or a translation firm, instead of a single freelance translator. Through this, you can tap into a wider pool of translation talents, knowledge, and skills.

  3. Editing services should be a part of the translation package

    Guarantee that the interpretation supplier you hire also provides intensive quality assurance features. To make sure the standard and consistency of translation, proofreading and copy editing is an absolute should. Irrespective of, how experienced or professional the translator is, there may be slip-ups and mistakes. For this reason, there ought to be an editor who will examine the linguistic and technical points of the interpretation. This two-step process often includes a radical examination of the terminology used, spelling, grammar, and context. Editing is a fool-proof way to make sure your translation is accurate.

  4. Work with a vendor who can provide translations for any file type

    We all know your business documentation is available in many various file types and codecs, including Microsoft documents (doc, .xls, .ppt ), Adobe Acrobat files, portable document format (.pdf), AutoCAD drawings (.dwg) or files created in InDesign, Adobe FrameMaker, Quark and HTML. There is an ever-rising number of file formats and complicated layouts that may cause difficulties for freelance translators who wouldn’t know how to work with various file formats. To get over this, search for a translation firm that additionally supplies DTP companies. This way, you can make sure that any format of documents would be translated effectively and successfully.

  5. Go for localization companies as a substitute of doc translation

    Localization is a fancy course that may adapt your content to the technical, cultural and linguistic variations of your goal audience. Phrases and circumstances or business contracts may be totally different in different international locations. Knowledgeable translation firms can’t solely translate your text, but additionally adapt it to your goal audience. As an example, business letters in Russian wouldn’t have identical conversational strategies as British business letters. Ukrainian and German speakers may find certain names of products offensive or unusual. Whether or not you require translation companies for software, websites or games, localizations can benefit you more than document translation.

  6. Avail the services of native translators

    Most languages have large quantities of nuances and subtlety that may only be understood by native speakers. When a translator interprets text right into a new language, there may be errors in type and grammar in addition to lacking meanings, misunderstanding of connotations or a collection of incorrect phrases. Non-native speakers can face difficulties in translating the text. You may count on top quality translations only when native translators work on your content.

Incorrect translations can have a serious impact on your organization, even leading to monetary losses. For this reason, it’s so vital to carefully choose a translation service provider. At Qadra, we can find you a professional group of translators who can assure you of accurate translations. From using the very best in know-how to hiring native talking translators and adopting the very best practices in translation, we do every little thing we can to verify our clients solely obtain correct translations. Find out more about our translation companies and companion with us today.

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