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Louigi in UX, Web Design, Web Dev on May 15, 2019

10 Tips To Create a Killer Website With Your Customers in Mind

Did you know that no matter how good of a service you have or how rich the information you can present, if you don’t make it with visitors or customers in mind, no one will visit it? The best websites on the web are customer-centric and provide information in an organized and interesting manner. They don’t confuse or bore visitors with unintuitive and poor designs. Their website makes it easy for customers to finish whatever action they have in mind, whether or not it’s to sign up for a newsletter, purchase a product or contact you for more information.

Here are 10 tried and tested tips that you can use to create killer web content and make your website successful:

  1. Use clear and intuitive navigation

    Visitors have limited patience and won’t appreciate guessing or exploring where they need to go. If they can’t find what they want on your site, they’d rather leave rather than work hard to figure out how your web site works. Don’t make it a struggle to visit your site. Make it easy for your customers by organizing your pages into logical classes. You can start doing this by including standard terms in your menu.

  2. Write with conversational English

    Customers respond more to a copy that speaks to the customer in a friendly and casual tone rather than corporate-talk. Write in a second-person perspective by using “you” and “we” whenever possible.

  3. Avoid using industry jargon

    Don’t use phrases or words that your customers are not going to understand unless they have technical knowledge of the field. It’s best to make use of familiar terminology. If you can’t avoid this, try simplifying the terms or explaining them.

  4. Provide relevant information to your business or industry

    When people are searching on the internet, they’re looking for something they need that they may not know could be an existing product or service. They’re looking for answers. If your website doesn’t have details like this, you won’t appear in search results or they won’t stay in your site to see the help you can offer. They’ll simply move on to the next website within the search results. Information-rich websites are the best in converting visitors into buyers.

  5. Skip the hype

    Visitors expect transparency and honesty from you. Don’t exaggerate about your product or service. Be truthful about the benefits and features that it may have and let your visitors arrive at their own conclusions.

  6. Turn your home page into a to-the-point summary

    Your home page should describe how a customer can benefit from your content, services, or products in a nutshell. Give them everything they can ever want or ask for right on the home page. You won’t catch their interest if they’d have to explore and search your site just to get to the juicy details. If you don’t, they’ll rather skip your website entirely.

  7. Develop landing pages

    Since landing pages convert at a higher fee than home pages, create landing pages regarding a particular topic that your customers may want. When a potential customer searches for a particular product or topic, make sure they’ll land on a specific webpage that’s dedicated to that subject.

  8. Use your own images in telling your story

    Stock images are well done and can communicate a story to guests but they’re generic and may not be directly related to your company. Customers also want to see your real products, business, or service. So, when possible use photographs of your actual products or service. Visitors want to know what they’re actually buying and who they’re buying from.

  9. Place your contact details clearly

    Include your contact information in various locations, so it’s easy to find. If you can, make sure that getting in contact with you is just a simple click away in any part of your site. All the great information and website design in the world can’t help you if the customer couldn’t reach you easily.

  10. Keep updating your website

    When visitors notice that your content is outdated, then your website will lose credibility. Consistently update your website by adding new details and removing outdated information.

In the digital filled with a lot of information, you need to capture the interest of your visitors and leave a lasting impression to them very quickly. If they can’t get what they’re looking for, they will just move on.  Give them all the facts and information they want from the word go. Make sure that your website communicates its value to customer in the first few seconds. Create a website focusing on the needs of your visitor first and you’ll notice your conversion rate increase.

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