Web Design Pricing in the Philippines 2020

Building an attractive website to propel a company to the digital age is becoming increasingly important. A website adds a lot of value to a company. It helps in developing the brand, launching its online identity, and extending its reach. With the value that effective web design can give a company, how much is acceptable and proper pricing and cost? In 2020, professional web design services may range from PXX,XXX to as much as PXXX,XXX or $1,000 to $100,000. The work involved and the complexity of the site are just a few of the factors that affect these prices.

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How much does web design cost in the Philippines?

The website’s style, size, content, and functionalities affect the pricing of a website. Depending on your need and who you are, the cost may also vary. 

Estimated Prices According to Company Size

Small Companies

Small businesses typically need less complicated websites. As such, web design costs in the Philippines may range from PXX,XXX to PXX,XXX or $XX,XXX to $XX,XXX.

Cost of Similar Service in Other Countries

Australia: P30,000 to P90,000 or $1000 to $3000
United States: P50,000 to P500,000 or $1000 to $10,000

Mid-sized Business

Medium-sized companies who need more advanced features can have their web design prices vary from PXX,XXX to PXX,XXX or $XX,XXX to $XX,XXX.


Cost of Similar Service in Other Countries


  • Australia: P90,000 to P180,000 or $3000 to $6000
  • United States: P500,000 to P2,500,000 or $10,000 to $50,000

Enterprise-level Company

Larger companies usually have advanced and feature-rich websites so it can cost from PXX,XXX to PXXX,XXX or $XX,XXX to $XX,XXX.


Cost of Similar Service in Other Countries

  • Australia: P180,000 to P450,000 or $6000 to $15,000
  • United States: P2,500,000 to P5,000,000 or $50,000 to $100,000

Estimated Prices According to Type of Website and Features

Company Website

A brochure or portfolio website costs range from PXX,XXX to PXXX,XXX or $XX,XXX to $XX,XXX. These are simple yet functional sites that show off the company’s brand and communicate its mission, vision, goals, and objectives. These websites can be around 15 to 30 pages of varying complexity. The pages would contain images and text describing the company, its services, and how to avail their product or service. It may also include contact forms and a subscription button. They’re designed to capture leads, convert them into customers, and significantly increase revenue.

E-commerce Website

Adding e-commerce functionality to a website can have costs ranging from PXX,XXX to PXXX,XXX or $XX,XXX to $XX,XXX. These are for companies and individuals who need websites to sell products online. These come with basic online payment services such as PayPal, Stripe, and 2Checkout.

Enterprise Website

Large enterprise companies that need complex websites with advanced features including e-commerce functions, API integration, database integration, and other customized features may cost around PXXX,XXX to PXXX,XXX or $XX,XXX to $XX,XXX.


Enterprise-level businesses require complex functions that align with their requirements. As these are the most expensive of the options, you have to look for trusted and experienced web design companies.