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Website SEO Audit


Website Audit Services

Visualize your site like never before.

Expose weaknesses, diagnose problems and revamp your website performance with audit services
from leading industry consultants.

Uncover Site Errors

The only way to outrank competitors is to have a fully functional, optimized website with seamless user experience across top devices and browsers. We partner your brand with a dedicated consultant with years of search engine optimization experience and technical expertise so you can root out all sitewide inefficiencies hampering your marketing engine.

Not only do we analyze your site and provide hard data on its performance, but we also provide strategic recommendations to get your site running at full steam. Once adjustments are made, your position in the digital marketplace is immediately enhanced.

Each custom audit is delivered to you with your future goals in mind.

What’s included?

We use leading analysis tools including Google Analytics, Search Console, Screaming Frog, SEMrush and more to assemble actionable reports. Depending upon your needs and your audit depth, our analysis may include:


Overview Report

A list of high-level errors, issues with your site and potential penalties you may be facing.

Error Report

A dive into every error affecting your site and its severity. These issues commonly include 404 errors, unstructured data, duplicate content warnings, poorly designed XML sitemaps and a variety of SEO red flags.

Priority Scorecard

A ranking system that highlights the most immediate problems you need to address as well as some of the less-detrimental factors impacting your site. Scorecards enable you to visualize and valuate the extent to which you need to prioritize your resources to fix errors.

Branded Full Audit Analysis

A PDF professionally formatted and branded with your company’s guidelines, this analysis documents every issue on your site, suggests recommendations and provides a full summary statement from your Qadra consultant. Not only do you obtain the hard numbers of your audit, but you gain a more personalized, targeted solution to your problems.

You work side-by-side with highly skilled consulting teams and can benefit from an in-person review meeting to walk through errors, warnings and fixes.

Competitor and Social Analysis

A competitor analysis of up to five market rivals of your choice. We review organic, paid, social and backlinking strategies of your competitors so you learn how to best position yourself throughout your marketing channels.

Learn how to turn other sites’ problems into your profit. We can scale out this competitive analysis to include as many organizations as you desire, as we know there’s no end to current and future competition.

Quote to Fix Errors

The cost of your Qadra team to manually fix all of the issues covered in your website audit report, either partially or in full.

Top Factors Affecting Your Website

At Qadra, we combine functionality and creativity in custom web application development to bring graphically appealing and intuitive web designs at lower cost. Outsource web development to India and stand to gain from the following –



How users and search bots access and interact with your site. If you’re blocking pages on your site from crawlers with a robot.txt code, or the framework of your sitemap is unclear to users, it hinders access to valuable pages. Your site also needs to be mobile-responsive and designed for usability across different devices. A web accessibility audit also identifies aspects of your website that are inaccessible to users with disabilities. While not a direct ranking factor, web accessibility for people with disabilities can indirectly affect SEO.



How easy it is for search bots to crawl your site and for a search engine to properly index your pages in display results. Site errors impede algorithms and ranking signals, meaning it’s hard for search engines to interpret your content and serve it to users. And if search bots can’t find your site pages, neither can your prospects.


On-Page SEO

Factors that impact organic rankings for major search engines, including content, URLs, title tags, meta descriptions, external links, anchor text, keyword optimization and sensible navigation structure. On-page optimization improves search engine ranking potential.


Off-Page SEO

Quality signals aren’t beholden to what’s on your site. Off-page factors like your inbound link strategy, backlink profile, social media marketing (indirectly), bookmarking and influencer marketing all affect SEO as well.


Competitive/Social Analysis

Know what to rank for, how to target valuable organic and paid opportunities, where to place spend for marketing services and how to get ahead. Your site is only as strong as your competitors are weak.

We analyze competitors’ paid, search, social and backlinking strategies for complete 360-degree visibility. We also conduct keyword analysis to identify search terms that your competitors are ranking for, and then provide recommendations for how to improve your online presence.

You may already have insight into some areas of your site, but your consultant fuses every element of digital performance to provide a comprehensive and actionable game plan for your web marketing strategy.


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