Industry-Tailored SEO Strategy

All good strategies begin with principles, and search-engine optimization (SEO) is no exception. A successful SEO strategy requires commitment. Top search-engine rankings are earned in a long-term, strategic trust-building process. There are no shortcuts in SEO strategy. If a search-engine optimization company promises instant results, they are selling snake oil.

Key Princples of SEO Strategy

  • Focus on the user experience, and the sales leads will follow.
  • Sell as you would wish to be sold to.
  • Give information away for free to build trust.
  • Top search-engine rankings are earned in a long-term, trust-building process

Principles of SEO Strategy for Industrial Marketers


Make a plan

The first tactic in SEO marketing strategy is to make a plan. Qadra Studio’s approach to SEO strategy starts with a plan called the digital marketing blueprint.

We don’t offer projects; rather, we offer ongoing SEO marketing programs for industrial and precision manufacturers. The result is a comprehensive ongoing marketing strategy implemented without shortcuts. This strategy can be analyzed, measured and constantly improved.

Our process is guided by our single-minded focus on user experience to generate sales leads. We focus on user experience (also known as UX) because Google and other search engines assign a higher ranking to websites that provide a better user experience.

So what does user experience mean for industrial manufacturers’ websites? As Google’s Roxanne Pinto explains, “The goal of good UX is to help users do what they want to do when interacting with your business.” We want to make it easy for the website user to get the information they need from us, not just shove a “Buy Now” button in front of them.


Make it fast

Page Speed
Page speed matters. Don’t make your website users wait for your web server to load a fancy background video or image. A faster website improves rankings in search-engine results, and meets the needs of your website users faster.

At Qadra, we make it our business to optimize your site for speed. We use sophisticated, proprietarily configured front-end and back-end web-hosting server technology to ensure that your website data and media are delivered at blistering high speeds around the globe.

One strategy for improving page-loading time is using a content delivery network, or CDN. Using a CDN ensures that your website’s key content is cached and ready on servers throughout the world, thus reducing page-loading time – no matter where your website user is. This makes for a better user experience, and better rankings on Google.

Mobile-friendly design
As web users around the world shift toward mobile devices, mobile-friendly design is becoming essential. Also called responsive design, it means that your site looks good and works well regardless of screen size or orientation. A mobile-friendly website meets the needs of users regardless of whether they are using a desktop computer, tablet, mobile phone or other device.

At Qadra, we use responsive design to optimize your website for both mobile and desktop users. Even if your website receives mostly desktop web traffic, you need mobile optimization to maintain search-engine position.

As technologies continue to evolve, Qadra Studio is committed to remain at the leading edge of optimal delivery of web content for industrial and precision manufacturers.


Make it clear

Content marketing
Emphasize education, not promotion. Build trust with prospects on your website by providing educational technical articles, applications, and media, not just product data. Accurate technical content keeps search-engine users coming back for more.

By giving valuable content to website users, you earn a place as an industry expert. As your technical articles gradually become more widely known, you can expect a boost in your site’s search-engine rankings. This is the reward for the long-term trust-building process.

This marketing approach is known as content marketing, and it requires patience. Results don’t happen overnight. But for businesses committed to growth, the larger front-end effort leads to superior long-term results.

SEO Marketing
When preparing content for your website, start with what real users are searching for online. Keyword research tools can tell you roughly how many users are searching for specific terms each month. Using tools like these, you can spot potential opportunities in under-used keywords, as well as prioritize content based on number of searches on that keyword.

Tailoring your content to what web users are actually searching for gives your website a much greater chance of being found. This activity is a crucial component of search-engine optimization strategy.

At Qadra, we specialize in formulating search-engine optimized articles for industrial manufacturers. Our unique blend of engineering and technical writing experience paves the way for maximum return on investment in your website.


Make it matter

Data analytics
In marketing, we sometimes put all the effort into broadcasting the message, and then forget to look back and learn from reactions to that message. It’s like a scientist who performs an experiment but forgets to analyze the data and draw a conclusion.

At Qadra Studio, we close the loop on your marketing investment by providing proof of our results through analytical reporting. Our SEO strategic plan includes working with you to set measurable goals for your website. Then we provide regular analytical reporting on progress toward meeting those goals.

Our reports apply the scientific method to improve user experience and your website’s marketing results.