Outsource Link Building Services

Picture this – You have a great website with quality content about your products and services. You also know that your products / services can help customers more than that of your competitor’s. But to your dismay, your website isn’t ranking well at the search engines, which means you are losing business everyday. This isn’t just a doomsday scenario but is a regular affair, for businesses dependent on the internet.

A well planned and executed SEO program can help you increase traffic to your website, helping you generate revenue for your business. One of the most important activities in any SEO campaign is effective link building. The objective of a website link building campaign is to drive relevant traffic, increase brand identity, improve link popularity and search engine rankings.

Our Link Building Services


2 way and 3 way link exchange

The old fashioned way of exchanging links with relevant websites still is the leading way to gain link popularity and increase search engine rankings. Before we embark on any link exchange program, we identify potential partners and directories and then obtain links by building relationships with them.


Submitting articles to article directories

A low cost but effective method of getting one way links is to submit your content to article directories. Article directories allow you to have hyperlinks that can send visitors to your website apart from improving page rank. We can identify and submit to general and topical directories which will bring in better rankings and traffic.


Directory submission

Though they are seen as less effective today, submitting to directories can still help you build more back links. Many other web services use these directories to find relevant websites and list them in their own websites. You can choose between free and paid directories to have your website link included.


Blog / Forum commenting

Commenting on blogs and forums relevant to your industry is another way of getting one way links to your website. However many blogs use the 'nofollow' tag, meaning search engines do not follow these links. But commenting on relevant blogs and forums can help you get traffic and potential leads. We take care to avoid being seen as spammers and post your links as subtly as possible.

Why Link Building?

Link building is a time consuming activity. Also in a link building campaign, the focus is on getting as many back links as possible. This can do more harm than good for your rankings.

It has been shown that exchanging links with irrelevant websites and ‘link-farms’ can lower page rank and search engines have even know to blacklist websites engaging in mindless link building. A relevant link building program involves identifying relevant websites / directories which will give your website a better standing with the search engines.

Here’s an overview of what we do and don’t do in the link building projects:

  • We don't go after link farms, instead focus on building links from authority and relevant websites.
  • The link building program will also involve getting one-way and reciprocal links from industry directories and theme based websites in your vertical.
  • Links will be exchanged with different IP addresses.
  • Use of one-way linking methods such as article submission, directory submission and blog/forum comments and signatures.

Outsourcing link building services to a professional agency can save you the time and investments on hiring link building experts. Qadra Studio has helped companies around the world gain maximum mileage from the internet. All our SEO link building projects begin with an understanding of customers’ business goals. A link building program is then planned and executed by our professionals.

Want to get started on increasing the traffic to your website? Contact us today and we’ll help you jumpstart a successful link building program.