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Breathing new life and energy to a 40-year old local travel agency with a website update that’s easier to navigate and a clean and simple design that fits today’s traveller aesthetic.



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Web Design

Since ancient times, humans have always been on the move. It’s no wonder that, as a people, we love to travel. It not only allows people to explore new places, meet new people, and gain new experiences, but it also helps people grow and be part of a larger global community. But the journey from point A to B isn’t without its challenges. From booking flights and finding the best places to visit, to finding the best price and finding the safest route, working up to a vacation is often rarely a vacation in itself. But Getaway Tours is a travel agency that aims to rid you of the leg work so your vacation won’t be another thing for you to worry about.

Getaway Tours International Inc. is one of the premier travel agencies in the Philippines offering travel and tour packages both domestic and abroad since 1979. Winning numerous industry awards since its inception, the firm believes in providing competitive rates and quality packages. With everything going digital nowadays, Getaway wanted to update their dated and neglected website, to not only stay current, but to also accommodate the new packages they have, as well as cater to a wider audience.


Web Development

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Visual overhaul for the modern man

Getaway Tours wanted a new design that was cleaner, faster, and easier to navigate to attract customers and expand their online market. To achieve this, we knew that we needed to give them a more modern design that was simple, clean and straight to the point, while still maintaining their brand look and giving enough visual excitement for the viewers to want to go places. A cleaner, more functional design gives them more room to grow over time and the capability to stay at the pulse of modern day travel.

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A world of exploration and discovery

When designing the layout, we wanted users to navigate the website as easily as possible. We opted for a simple and intuitive design that guided users to where they needed to go. It was important to have a clean layout not only to highlight the different places and packages being promoted, but to also make it easier for the client to update anything whenever they needed to. For colors, it was important to keep their signature blue to be the main color in the palette. But to expand this we decided to add a lighter blue as well as a touch of green to liven up the palette and bring a youthful vibe into it, while allowing a little design flexibility. To add a touch of character to the layout without taking away from the featured destinations, we added dotted lines flowing through the pages and pins on featured packages and destinations to reinforce that feeling of travelling to your dream getaway.

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One less thing to worry about

The main focus for the Getaway Tours’ website was to be as user-friendly as possible. That meant a clean and organized layout, an easy to understand sitemap, and a layout that was as good on a mobile phone as it was on a desktop. As an added feature, Facebook messenger was integrated into the website to enable users to connect with the company easily.


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Travel & Tours

Getaway tours


Fusing traditional Chinese art with a hint of modern design and a tranquil twist for a craft beer inspired by the ancient Chinese God of War, Lü Bu.

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01/ Context



Packaging Design

Lü Bu was a military general and warlord who lived during the late Eastern Han dynasty of Imperial China. He was known to be a strong warrior, as well as a masterful archer and an excellent horse-rider. On the battlefield he was a fearsome sight to behold, laying death and doom on whoever challenged him.

When faced with the word’s warlord, fear, and death, there is usually a distinct image that comes to mind. From fire, blood, and gore, to dark, desolate sadness, you name it. So, it was interesting to hear that Lubu Craft beer was thinking of a slightly different take. They wanted a look that had a more serene feel to it. As opposed to images of death and destruction that war often evoked, they instead wanted to depict that feeling of looking back into the pages of history — a distant yet brewing feeling of the chaos that ensued. So, one tranquilized warlord, you ask? Challenge accepted!

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02/ Ideals

Winding back the clock

With the packaging of Lubu beer, we wanted it to look like it was part of an ancient Chinese scroll. That whoever drinking it would feel as if they’re taking a sip of history. To do that, we knew that traditional Chinese art had to be the star of the show. Using raw yet delicate illustrations, and keeping in mind the challenge of fusing the duality inherent in the brand, we incorporated Lü Bu, fully armored and ready to strike, set on top of a bed of hop plants and tranquil clouds. Beneath the clouds, we created an intricate pattern of a dragon weaving through turbulent waters. This, once again, depicts that duality and that sense of flow and strength.

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03/ Identity

Show of strength through calm and serenity

The packaging and logo are designed to marry two different and contrasting ideas, bringing traditional Chinese art to the modern age, as well as fusing both power and tranquility. Soft curves are utilized throughout the design to denote peaceful currents while bold, graphic lines are a symbol of strength. But other than strength, the clean, crisp lines seen throughout the brand gives history a youthful update. The logo is inspired by ancient Chinese armor akin to the ones worn by Lü Bu himself.

The logo is inspired by ancient Chinese armor akin to the ones worn by Lü Bu himself. The shield and bold lines symbolize strength while the eight diamonds encircle the name to signify wealth and fortune in Chinese culture. The colors, on the other hand, balance out the logo’s strength and power. For the brand colors, nothing suggests tranquility and sereneness like shades of blue and gold. Not only that but these colors also reflect a strong, steady current that epitomizes the brand.

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04/ Anatomy

Interweaving traditional and modern designs

In the packaging, we placed Lü Bu above a dragon in tempestuous waters that shows how, similar to Lubu Beer, what may appear relaxing on the surface can hide immense strength underneath. By using clean lines in displaying our subject among the hop plants and clouds, we were able to make the design simple and elegant while hiding significant details.

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