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Stand out with a brand that embodies your ideals, elevates your business, inspires your audience, and sets you apart from your competitors

Branding plays a pivotal role in helping your company establish a unique presence in the marketplace while giving you an edge over your competitors. At our brand design studio, we can help you create a brand that is tailor-fit to your goals and has the ability to expand and grow with you and your business.

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Our Branding Agency from the Philippines offers a wide range of branding identity services.

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Our branding agency houses seasoned professionals who've shaped and molded countless brands of all shaps and sizes, from bright-eyed startups and small companies to corporate clients and big businesses.

We understand that every project is unique and thus, focus our services to meet your particular requirements. We make sure to be on top of the latest trends in logo design and branding to ensure our clients that we are delivering the best possible solutions in creating a one of kind voice that is tailor-fit to who they are and what their business is all about.


Brand Identity Services We Offer

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Brand Identity

Brand Identity can be compared to the way you walk and the way you dress. It is the visual representation of your company. It is what your consumers will identify you with and, ideally, remember you by. We help our clients discover and refine their brand image and translate it into a visual brand language that is in line with who they are as a business. We create striking and insightful brands that are current yet flexible enough to withstand the test of time.

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Sometimes all an existing brand needs is a little trim here and there to create a version that better reflects who they are now. Whether your brand wants a change of direction, or it’s been around and needs an update to fit the newer generation, we help our clients with the pivot and give them the makeover that keeps the essence of who they are but reflect who they want to be from now on. It’s the sequel that’ll surely be better than the original.

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Oh, what’s in a name? A name can make or break your brand. Because of this, it takes a little more work than writing the first thing that pops into your head. At our branding agency, we’ll research everything from current trends to going a little in-depth to what’ll attract your market, to create a name that fits like a glove and that’ll be hard to forget.

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Logo Design

Your logo design is the face of your company. It is your identity, your story and your goals all rolled into one simple visual mark that’ll be plastered in all your corporate and promotional materials. No biggie. With our logo design help, we can design and develop logos that are unique to you and your business. We make it our priority to create something that makes you stand out and is easily recognizable. Leave it to us to create a face you’ll be proud to wear.

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Maintenance Services

A successful brand is consistent with who they are and what they put out, no matter when or who is at the helm of their campaign. Cue in the Brand Guideline. The Brand Guideline is the bible for all the visual basics of your brand identity, from your company’s color palette and fonts, to what you can and cannot do with your logo design. We’ll start you off with the fundamentals so that moving forward, your brand will never go astray.

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Stationery Design & Corporate Materials

What’s a new look without room to flex? Now that you have a logo design, you’ll need a little leg room to strut your stuff. From business cards, letterheads, and envelopes, to ids, umbrellas, and t-shirts, we’ll help you expand your brand into a seamless and consistent network of materials that’ll get your name out there and get you noticed.


Discovering who you are and amplifying your voice

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01  Your Brand Discovery Session

The first step in any branding project at Qadra is the Brand Discovery Session. In your brand Discovery Session, we dive in deep to get to know who you are and what your business is all about. We’ll learn the ins and outs of your business, your goals and objectives, your ideal customers, current positioning, and more.

At our brand design studio, we strive to understand your motives and your dreams. We make your goals our goals. We believe that every project’s success hinges on our collaboration with our clients and our Discovery Session is the first step into a fruitful relationship that’ll help us create the brand you’ve always wanted.

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02   Building Brand Ideas

After the Brand Discovery Session comes the fun part. Like a sculptor looking at a fresh slab of marble, we start visualizing and brainstorming the look and feel of your brand. Armed with your story in one hand, and our design expertise in the other, we put pen to paper (or mouse to computer) and start creating mood boards mixed with a hodgepodge of ideas. We slowly chip away the pieces, edit and refine until we’ve come up with several unique fully-formed brand perspectives for you to choose from.

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03   Bringing Your Brand to Life

Once we have three multifaceted directions for your brand, then the real work begins. This is the time we take everything we have and translate it into a distinct visual language that is perfectly in tune with your unique voice. From your very own logo design and stationery to marketing materials and so much more, we’ll weave together your story and your goals with our ideas and design know-how and turn it into the seamless, living and breathing creature that is your brand. One thing is for sure, we’ll certainly be giving Frankenstein a run for his money.

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